3 Types of Posts to Generate Interest and Lead to Sales

3 Types of Posts to Generate Interest and Lead to Sales
These posts will help you build relationships with people and converse via private message so you can close the sale.

AVOID POSTING “BUY FROM ME”, “SHOP MY  ONLINE STORE”, OR “JOIN MY TEAM” with your website link added. Here are two reasons why you should not but trust me, I can go on about this:

  1. No one wants to do that. They’re biggest concern is what’s in it for them, not what’s in it for you. Relate to them and show them you aren’t just trying to make a sale off them. If they buy, GREAT! But if not, it’s ok — still treat them as humans and allow them an out. If you are only posting about making money off them, they’re more likely to ignore you. Remember to post using the 3 E’s (Entertain, Educate, Empower) and then add in the business post.
  2. You will lose control. You will not know who is interested and therefore, you will have no way to follow up with them. They’ll go to your website and leave or worse, join someone else. Think: if you are in direct sales, it’s easier to remember the company’s website than your replicated URL which is longer OR they may find someone more popular/successful than you.

Below, I list examples of business posts:

1. Curiosity post – pique their interest with a desired result — think, what would make them say “how” or “what is it”or “tell me more” or my favorite response is “send me the deets”

  • “I can’t believe this stuff really works. I have so much energy!”
  • “OMG, this new highlighter is the bomb!”
  • “Wow! My skin feels so soft!”

2. Story post

  •  Testimonial outlining either your story, customer’s story or team member’s story and how our business or product helped — usually somewhat lengthy as you want them to identify and “feel” the emotion behind the post (think about my post talking about my sister’s acne)
  • b. Before/after picture — could be showing how the skincare products cleared up your skin, power of makeup, slimmer figure, how necklace transforms outfit, etc

3. Helpful tip – establishes you as an authority which builds trust; feel free to mix it up between posting helpful tip and posting helpful tip with hint to your recommendation

  • “Seriously, the best way to make your eyeshadow lasts all day is to use an eyeshadow primer. It makes your eyeshadow last longer and the colors POP! If you have oily skin, make sure to use an oil-free primer. I’ve been using this primer for years and my eyeshadow has never looked better!”

    • Makeup tip
    • Skincare tip
    • Fragrance tip
    • Traveling Tips
    • Healthy eating tips
    • Any tip that will be helpful to your audience *bonus if it’s related to your brand*

*Engagement post —- ask for your audience’s feedback: Use this sparingly and make sure it’s related to your business! None of the “help me solve an argument in my house, do you prefer Ketchup or BBQ sauce?” — don’t you dare post that or anything similar! It’s completely irrelevant and will not do anything for your business. *

Tip 1: Make sure it’s relevant to your business or brand
Tip 2: Don’t overdo it —- don’t ask this question everyday.
Tip 3: Try using personal photos. It’s ok if you don’t have them but if you do, post them!

Examples of engagement posts:

“What issues are you struggling with in terms of makeup or skincare?”

“We’re heading out for dinner. Help me decide: should I wear this dress or the other?” — helps show off fashion

Check out my latest post from the What’s New 12 available online. It’s a great way to show off what we have or will be introducing soon AND they’re feedback may actually help you! I’m really stumped on which eyeliner I should choose lol

Now that you have your business post, you want to actually generate leads. This is why we remove company branding and only brand ourselves. If people are interested, you will know. Whereas if you leave company name or website, you’ve lost all control.

For more tips and to join my free online community, click here.


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