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Natalie Butler

Natalie Butler is a wife, pet mama, mentor, entrepreneur, influencer and survivor. As an expert in social selling and social media, she has touched the lives of many home-based business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. By partnering with her, many have learned the skills required to build a personal brand and following online even while still working day jobs. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she is a firm believer in going after what you want and stopping at nothing until you get it!

In August 2011, Natalie used her professional experience in Human Resources and Sales to launch her own recruiting practice due to uncertainty with her then-current employer. She taught herself the necessary skills to find and close new business using social media and technology. In order to be successful, Natalie became an expert in content marketing and creation, social media marketing, social selling techniques, e-mail marketing, blogging, search engine optimization and automation.

Now empowered with a degree in technical management (focusing on sales/marketing) and 7 consecutive years with an internet marketing company, Natalie is ready to share her passion with small business owners and entrepreneurs — enabling them to increase visibility, drive online sales and run their businesses on auto-pilot! She is a firm believer that everyone should be financially secure or taking steps to become so.

In 2015, Natalie launched Team Believers, where she teaches women around the US how to get started in the direct sales industry and make an income from home. Her vision is clear — to empower women to succeed in not only business but whatever endeavor they are facing. She openly shares her strategies with entrepreneurs.

Combining her passions of makeup, skincare, business, social media, technology, motivating and educating others, Natalie is a force to be reckoned with!

Her motto:

Be unapologetically beautiful. Embrace yourself. Strengthen your mind. Build your courage. Be the best you ~xoxo~ 

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