How I Got Almost 80 Customer Leads from One Facebook Post

How to Generate Leads Online

You’re looking for ways to generate leads online. You’ve been posting your link several times until you’re blue in the face and yet, no one is biting except the pity sales. Eventually, you’re looking to grow your business and you know that’s not going to cut it. Trust me, been there before — hated it. I’m going to show you how I just received 78 leads from one Facebook post so stay tuned if you’re interested in learning how to generate leads online.

When posting, remember the 80/20. Only 20% of posts should be related to the business. The majority (80%) should be to either Entertain, Educate, or Empower others. If your posts are negative, remove them. It will help draw more people to you. With a little thought and preparation, following this method will help you grow your business online in no time. Keep in mind, you must remain consistent with not only posting but with your personal brand. If it doesn’t go with your brand, do not post it. It will be counterproductive and people won’t know what to expect from your profile/page.

People are creatures of habit. In order for them to know/like/trust you, you have to get them into the routine so they know what to expect. Unfortunately, one too many negative or pity party type of posts will put them in that mindset and they may never take your business seriously. That was one of the very first and toughest lessons I had to learn. Now that I’ve given my profile and page makeovers, I generate leads regularly and many times without even trying!

How I Got Almost 80 Customer Leads from One Facebook Post

• 59 on personal profile, 19 on business page (copied post from personal and posted to business page)

Note: this post occurred on Saturday, I anticipate the number growing as my audience tends to engage during the work week. Therefore, I see more people interacting on either Monday or Tuesday. If not, no biggie as I’m content with these results but I suggest keeping sales/business posts during the week (preferably Friday when people get paid).

Steps to generate leads online and turn likes into $$$:

1. Crafted my message (in this case, a story) – talked about how our product has helped me save money and its quality but left the name of the product out. Click here to see types of posts that generate engagement.

2. Targeted my message – using Friends List, I selected my list called Potential Recruits. With the exception of my team, there are no other company reps on this list. I’m not trying to sell/share/promote to people in the same company. I also don’t want to bother people I know who will never purchase or refer customers (i.e. my 83 year old aunt who has 3 Facebook accounts because she can’t remember the passwords)

3. Posted my message and watched the engagement grow!

Now what?!?!?

Well, I have LEADS — people who have engaged with the post. I’ve piqued their interest in this digital world and can talk to them about my business.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this has resulted in new customers and business partners for me. This has been more effective than posting my link when no one asked. Think about when someone gives you weird info that you didn’t ask for — how did it make you feel? Did you easily dismiss it? If so, you’re not the only one.

Check the pictures below of my most recent post to see how I get the ball rolling.

My advice to you:

Be prepared: some people will automatically ask for info in the comment section on the post, some may even proactively reach out via messenger.

What should you do:

  • Now that you have leads, don’t just sit on them. Reach out to them! Interact with their posts. Message them! Thank them for showing love/support/liking the post. Ask if they need any help with whatever your post mentioned or if they’d like to learn more. Then, offer to send your website. If they don’t respond, don’t send it. Some people aren’t active on messenger so it could be a waste but also you don’t want to look like you’re just in it for the money. Connect with them. Be a real person.
  • Don’t be afraid. You know they see something they like, hence the reason why they reacted to the post. Extend your hand to be of service. Think about when you go to the mall, window shopping and a nice sales associate approaches you. Bright eyes, smile as wide as the Atlantic Ocean but they seem genuine. You usually give them a chance, don’t you? Or have you ever stood there waiting for someone to approach you so they can answer your questions?
  • Put yourself in the associate’s shoes. Make sure that you are answering them in a timely fashion. For those who comment on the post, tell them you’ll reach out in messenger. For those who message you, respond!
  • We are doing the same thing (with a little bit more of a personal touch). We’re giving people info on what has worked for us, how it’s helped, tips to make it more effective, what has us excited, or how it’s changed us in some way.

Tips to make this effective:

  1. Keep it personal. Yes, this requires some vulnerability but you determine the level. Personal stories help people relate to you but you don’t have to tell them EVERYTHING that happened to you since you were 12 years old.
  2. Don’t sound like you’re writing a sales commercial. Facts tell, stories sell. No one cares that 99% of women saw improvement. They care about the one woman who is talking to them — YOU.
  3. Using either curiosity posts or storytelling posts, omitting company’s name and product name puts YOU in control. People have to ask you for more info meaning you know who is interested. Leaving just your link causes you to lose control as you don’t know who is interested.
  4. Do NOT focus on just friends/family. They’ll disappoint you every time. Well maybe not but if you’re looking to grow your business and have people purchasing from you consistently, you need more than your mom and aunt. Go out and find new friends using networking events, online events, Facebook groups, relevant business pages, hashtags and other social media. Go where your ideal customer or team member can be found. Don’t know where to find them? Look for where you can find you! My Point: connect with like-minded individuals — it’s usually easier to deliver message as you don’t have to convince them, they kinda already trust you. If you love makeup, join makeup groups. Find your personal interests, post in the group and make new friends.
  5. Do not post too much where your posts are competing with each other for visibility on the newsfeed. Do not post every hour.
  6. Ask question at the end of the post that would make someone want to engage. Not needed but some people see questions and feel compelled to answer. More answers equal higher engagement which equals more eyes on your post.

Are you struggling with getting people to engage with your post? Check out this blog in order to increase your engagement before you can generate leads online.

Most recent example occurred on Saturday, May 5, 2018:

generate leads online

Actual post to generate leads online

generate leads online

Picture attached with message above

Proof that I generate leads online:

Picture 1) Notification from Facebook messenger

generate leads online

Picture 2) Someone expressing interest in the comment section of the post

how to generate leads online

Advanced technique:

This is an advanced technique that will allow my business to run while I’m asleep and help me generate leads online. As this is a fairly successful post, I’m going to create a blog using this post. With some SEO techniques (actual video to walk through it), I’ll have it so people searching for makeup will stumble upon my blog. My blog will generate leads and do the selling for me as if on autopilot.

Wanna see what I mean? Google: how to stop foundation transferring. Let me know if my blog pops up.

My blog brings in daily traffic. As I’ve said, this is bit advanced but just a little taste of my world.

I suggest building up your customer base first before focusing on blogging, Youtube videos and SEO. Eventually, you want your business to run on autopilot BUT you need to put in the legwork first. Get to a point where you’re comfortable with the amount of money you’re making and can invest in a blog as well as Facebook advertising (if you choose).

As a result, using the techniques above will help you get to that point where you’re turning profit. It’s free but does require time. Then, you can invest in your business IF you want to run it like a business and not a hobby.

Remember this: having a business will cost you time, money or both. It is a compromise. At first, you put in the time. Then, you step back but only when you’ve invested in systems that will allow it to continue to run. If you never invest with money, you’ll be working all the time. If you never invest in the time, you’ll be spending more money to build your brand and reputation.

For more tips and to join my free online community, click here.

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