Did I Just Have My First Home Party 👀👀

Omg! You all, I think I just had my first home party since starting back!

No seriously, does this qualify as a home party?

You see when I used to sell back in 2007, this was my version of a home party BUT most times, I only had brochures. No products or inventory. MAYBE A few samples.

My aunt would cook, invite her friends over, and hand out brochures while I collected the orders.

Not only was I shy and insecure but I didn’t know anyone in town. With the help of my aunt and uncle, good food and brochures, I became one of the top sellers at that time. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Why am I sharing this? For people considering joining or already involved in any direct sales company, home based business opportunity or network marketing company — you need to know one thing: you can do it!

What’s my personality type:

I’m a BIG introvert. Literally, people have to beg me to leave out of the house. I’ll sit in the house all day with a book and I’m quite content. I’m not antisocial but I prefer to be alone. It’s where I draw my energy and even helps me be creative. Creativity was not my strong point growing up. When I’m alone, I feel as though it allows me to tap into my creative side that I never knew existed.

What are my weaknesses:

  • Being an introvert can be a fault — I constantly have to challenge myself to either get out of the house or speak to a new person (online and offline)
  • Planning — I absolutely suck at planning! If I plan something, it won’t get done. I’m a huge procrastinator and perfectionist. I’ll think about it enough so that I actually don’t do it. Think I’m joking? My aunt and dad organized my entire wedding! I simply showed up! Had it not been for them, I may not be celebrating my fifth year wedding anniversary this summer!
  • Creativity — I am not the creative type who can put colors together and create a masterpiece. I just don’t have that vision. When I was in high school, my art teacher banned me from the class and had security escort me out. And here I thought, beauty was in the eye of the beholder 🤣🤣🤣 As a result and a requirement to graduate , I enrolled in a technology class. Go figure!

I am proof that YOU can do this!

Where do I think most people go wrong when conducting a home party? Overcomplicating it!

  • Worried about location
  • Worried about food
  • Worried about games and door prizes
  • Worried about themes
  • Worried about who will show and who won’t
  • Worried about what everyone thinks
  • Worried about hostess points

You can do all of that and still have a party that results in $0 sales!

Want to know how to have a successful home party? Keep it simple:

  1. Be around people — you don’t have to organize this; the perfect time is whenever you have a group of people around each other
  2. Share the product – if it’s a good, consumable product, it will sell itself
  3. Have fun!

It doesn’t require a lot of prep. If people want it, they want it. All the games in the world won’t convince them that they do!

Here’s a snippet of my home party (conducted at my cousin’s house during girl’s night). Yes, I know I’m off with the date…. Feel free to fast forward to the last 25 seconds of the video.

From my cousin’s wife. I love what I do!

home party

Received from home party!

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