Avon Ultra Sexy Lace is BACK!

OMG! I’m so thrilled about this new/old perfume. So apparently, Avon introduced this fragrance — Ultra Sexy Lace— before I rejoined but I’m so glad they’ve decided to bring it back. It smells absolutely delicious! It’s floral/ambery as Avon describes it but if you want my take: it’s slightly fruity so not teenage just-went-to-the-candy-store-fruity or disgustingly fruity where you’re trying to cover up a nasty odor. It’s more adult flirty/fruity and softens for a more cleaner, softer scent when worn all day. It’s inviting and enticing.  I’m not a big fan of floral/floral scents. I love fruity and crisp/clean scents so this is perfect! Avon’s Ultra Sexy Lace is part of the Ultra Sexy fragrance line. There are two other fragrances: Ultra Sexy Pink and Ultra Sexy Heart (introduced earlier this year). All of the scents smell nice and I’m almost down to my last drop of the Heart but move over — Lace is my favorite!!! Hands down! Lace is more for everyday and that’s exactly how much I plan on wearing it. Avon describes it as “provocative pear and smoldering magnolia laced with a hint of sensual golden amber.” I can definitely smell the pear but it’s not too overpowering. It’s currently being offered online as an online exclusive and won’t make it’s way to a brochure until Campaign 11 2016 (April 29, 2016). If you loved it originally, I’m sure you’re just as thrilled to learn that it’s back! The best part is it’s being offered at an intro price of $14! How awesome is that? If you’re interested in purchasing, click here for Ultra Sexy Lace or here to view all of Avon fragrances.

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