Introducing the mark. By Avon Pout Lip Paints!    

Introducing the mark. By Avon Pout Vinyl and Velvet Lip Paints. The best liquid lipstick formula around! Find out how you can take 10% off!

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Introducing the mark. By Avon Pout Lip Paints!


OMG! I’m absolutely in LOVE with these new liquid lipsticks! Personally, I prefer the Vinyl (high shine) over the Velvet formula (matte). The matte is very moisturizing and reminds me of Avon’s True Color Perfectly Matte Lipsticks! If you haven’t tried them, you need to and in a hurry! Both formulas are great! Lipstick and lip paint! They’re really impressive. They don’t dry or irritate your skin. Long lasting. Great color payoff and a little goes a LONG way.

I am a lip gloss lover and the Vinyl lipsticks remind me of lip gloss. It’s easy to apply, I rarely use a lip liner and it looks great on most ages. They’re absolutely AH-MAZING!!!! They smell absolutely delicious too! Like candy! The Fantasy (matte purple) actually smells like a Grape Jolly Rancher! I’ll shut up and just let you see how the lip paints actually look on me. Yes, I have them in ALL shades now 🙂

They’re available for $12  each which I find to be very reasonable given the quality of these lip paints. The Vinyl in Cozy is perfect to transforming any of the colors and toning it down if you don’t want to go so bold.

To purchase online: click here for the new mark. By Avon Pout Lip Paints.

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My favorite combo: Glamour with Cozy
mark. by Avon Pout Vinyl Lip Paint in Cozy


mark. by Avon Pout Velvet Lip Paint in Quiet with Glimmersticks Eye Liner
mark. By Avon Pout Velvet Lip Paint in Fantasy and mark. By Avon Pout Velvet Lip Paint in Cozy
mark. By Avon Pout Vinyl Lip Paint in Glamour and Cozy

Lip Gloss Haul and Swatch

Avon Lip Gloss Haul and Swatch – check out the new colors and formulas such as True Color Technology. I’ll be testing the True Color Nourishing Lipstick, Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss, Gloss Tube Lip Gloss and mark. Glow Back Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss.

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Avon Lip Gloss Haul

Hi, my name is Natalie and I have a problem. I’m beginning to realize that. You see the picture above? Yea, that’s not part of a collection acquired over time. That was all purchased at the click of a button, probably 30 seconds between each click. My mom mentioned that she was looking for peach lipsticks and it reminded me that I needed to prepare for spring.


To be clear, I’m more of a lip gloss girl than lipstick. I have my few fave lippies but I really LOVE lip gloss 🙂 It’s an old habit that I just can’t shake. I remember the old school lip glosses from the ’90s with the glass tube and roller ball (ugh, I’m showing my age). Yes, I’m that girl — the girl that had every flavor and my favorite one — orange!!!

For the most part, I really feel like I can wear any of these glosses any day of the week. So I’m just throwing them all in my purse and when my lips get dry, I’ll just pull out one from my bag like Barney and apply 🙂

With the average “good” lip gloss costing anywhere between $20-24, you are in for a real surprise when you see what’s below! I’ve outlined each product but scroll down for the actual swatches. Yea, I swatched lip glosses. I couldn’t help myself 🙂

I’ll be reviewing each product from left to right. The prices on the right are current sales prices and subject to change. One thing I really love about this company is that the deals come around so often and even without the deal, it’s still reasonably priced. Hey! I’m a woman on a budget 🙂

Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick in Mellow Melon – $5.99

Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick in Mellow Melon

In Campaign 5, 2017, Avon announced that it decided to upgrade the formulas on it’s current lipsticks and even changed the packaging to include “True Color.” True Color Technology is what Avon promises, for those of us apprehensive online shoppers, “the product you see is the product you get.” The Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick is actually a new addition to the makeup line and not an upgraded formula for an existing product. This lipstick is infused with jojoba oil, vitamin E, collagen and lanolin. Click here to see all 10 shades swatched. 

It is truly moisturizing and feels good on the lips. I didn’t feel as though it weighed my lips down and really didn’t notice it while applied. It’s very pigmented. It actually reminded me of one of my higher-end brands that I wear around spring of every year.  I couldn’t wear all of Avon’s lipsticks due to some ingredients that felt like wax. They actually had a burning sensation that I couldn’t stand. As soon as I applied the lipstick, I took it off. I didn’t want them to puff and swell. It didn’t happen but I couldn’t take the risk of walking around like a blowfish.

The only exceptions to this were the Perfectly Matte lipsticks and Ultra Color Indulgence lipstick (replaced with Ultra Hydration Lip Color). These two lipsticks didn’t cause any reaction and the color pay off is amazing! Even with the matte formula, my lips seemed super moisturized and I never had any of the embarrassing scenes of cracked/chapped lips.

Final judgement: a definite must-buy. I was skeptical of purchasing more than one shade due to the aforementioned possible allergic reaction but now that I see that it doesn’t exist; the lipstick is pigmented and feels so good — I’d be a fool not to buy more!

For more information on the new product changes/replacements, click here for the complete guide.

Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss – $5.99

In all fairness, I’m already a purchaser of the Ultra Glazewear Lip Glosses but this is the first time that I’ve ever purchased the two shades above (Citrus Shine and Pale Peach). Prior to this purchase, I had about 4 shades of the Glazewear lip glosses (Iced Pink, Mocha Latte, Rich Brown, and Perfect Nude). I just recently acquired the Clear and Creamy Nude which should  be arriving in a couple of days (you’re beginning to see I have a problem, aren’t you?).

At any rate, I like the fact that this lip gloss is very lightweight. To put it simply, it is a very “clean” lip gloss. By clean, I mean that it isn’t heavy, it doesn’t stick and it’s not runny. You hardly notice that you are wearing any at all. The coverage is sheer but you can definitely tell that you’re wearing lip color. When I apply the Mocha Latte or Rich Brown, people ask what “lipstick” am I wearing (yes, it’s sheer coverage but noticeable).

Final judgement: I love this lip gloss. I feel it’s very appropriate for the workplace by adding a hint of femininity without being too aggressive/arrogant. It’s a nice, subtle touch. Perfect for no makeup days and very “natural” days.

Avon True Color Glossy Tube Lip Gloss – $4.99

In comparison to the Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss (listed above), I’d have to say this is “heavy duty.” The lip gloss seems slightly more heavy as it delivers more gloss and pigmentation. According to Avon, it’s infused with vitamins. Prior to today, I owned one shade of this lip gloss in a very pigmented pastel pink. It smelled like cotton candy 🙂

The Glossy Tube really does deliver when it says shine. I feel as though you can skate on this lip gloss. It’s not oily and doesn’t even contain oil. This lipstick puts me back in the mindset of “my lip gloss is popping.” This is truly a gloss for those that want to be seen and noticed, from a distance.

Final judgment: this is my absolute fave! Now remember, I am that girl that loves the roller ball lip gloss. What’s the point of wearing makeup if no one can notice it? Yep! That’s me! This lip gloss differently grabs attention and though it’s sheer coverage, it’s easily build-able.

mark. Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss – 2/$15 (other wise, $10 each)

The two things that I noticed about these lip glosses are the smell and the ability to “hook-up.” The lip glosses have a very soft candy-like scent. It’s not overpowering but noticeable. I love the idea of hook-ups as you can hook-up any mark. product and carry two products versus one. For example, you can attach your eyeliner to a lip gloss and have one solid piece versus fiddling through your purse for both products.

The consistency reminds me of the Glossy Tube Lip Gloss. Major differences would be the shades available, the applicator (tube vs doe foot applicator) and mark. seems to have more glitter/sparkly but other than that, it really comes down to a matter of personal preference. I can see myself using either.




If you would like to order, click here to go to the online Avon store.

Avon nutraeffects Product Guide

Avon recently announced that would discontinue its Avon Elements line. They are proud to introduce it’s new line nutraeffects which is suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dye-free. Check out which solution is best for you.

In Campaign 1, 2017, Avon announced it was discontinuing it’s Avon Elements collection. The products are still available online currently but won’t last long. If you would like to stock up on your favorite products, now is the time to do so. Click here to see what’s available in the Avon Elements line.

If you missed them, don’t fret! Beginning in Campaign 4, 2017, Avon is introducing it’s new nutraeffects skincare line. The line is powered by nutrient-rich Active Seed Complex which means it’s suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dye-free!

It’s a cost-effective solution for those looking for an anti-aging skincare regimen while on a budget. The seeds are nature’s essential source of life. Each nutraeffects formula is powered by Active Seed Complex, a blend of nutrient-rich seeds, vitamins and antioxidants, to deliver more beautiful-looking skin.

The nutraeffects line is built specifically to address your skincare concerns. You will still need to cleanse your face. If you need help picking out a cleanser, click here to check out my review for the Avon Anew Clean line.

Need help picking out the best formula for your skincare concerns? Shop online now.

Avon nutraeffects Product Guide

Avon nutraeffects Product Guide

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Mark. Eye Daydream of Glam is On The Market

mark. Eye Daydream of Glam

The awesome Daydream of Glam is on the market. It’s the best selling product with 16 new marbleized shades. These can be used in any way you like. Apply them dry or wet. They look stunningly attractive with any outfit.


No eye makeup is complete without a glamorous, stylish liner. Eye DayDream of Glam Palette can be easily used as an eyeliner. Choose from the 16 all new colors to bring a fantastic look in your eyes. These are suitable for all occasions like birthday party, prom night, wedding, casual day makeup or any other event.

Smooth texture

What makes Eye Daydream of Glam unique from other eye makeup is that it gives a nice smooth velvety texture. It’s glides on the eyes softly, making application easier and quicker than other eye shadows. The velvety effect is quite rare in eye makeup. It’s made with pure ingredients in a specific proportion to give this finish to the eyes.

Suitable for all

Eye Daydream of Glam suits every one despite of the eye shapes. It can look good on all skin colors and enhances beauty instantly. Whether, it’s fair, dark or medium-toned skin; the eye shadows go great on all tones.

Way to apply

It’s easy to use the eyeshadows. Simply apply dry or wet. Use a mark eye shadow brush to make sure it’s applied evenly on the lid. Blend it well for an even effect. For more intense impact, apply wet. It’s best applied in compatibility with the color scheme of the outfit. It can also be neutral to go with any dress.

For best effect, it’s good to use a primer before applying the shades.

Benefits of Daydream of Glam

The eyeshadow is high-quality and gives highly pigmented colors. It gives an even smooth texture after getting applied. It has a superb marbleized color to produce a glam effect. The velvety smooth texture sets over the lids easily. It lasts for more than 12 hours, if carefully carried. It comes in a beautiful box made with sturdy material.

All shades are sophisticated and popular that are commonly used. These are perfect with any outfit style and color. There is a marble texture in every shade and it’s not plain like other eye shadows. These can be applied solely or mixed with different shades to create another appealing blend. These are best to apply with an extended eyeliner and a long lasting mascara.

There is a direct delivery option. So, no need to bother to visit the market. Place an order online and enjoy the gorgeous eye makeup. Buy it for $40. The box contains only the eyeshadow palette. There is no applicator or eye shadow brush. Another thing missing is the tiny mirror usually set in the palettes.

The eyeshadow palette is well worth the price with large pans and fun colors. It can be used for several months because the amount of each shade is enough for several applications. Buy now and impress the friends.

Where to get it? Click here to order mark. Eye Daydream of Glam.


Avon Haul for Campaigns 21-22, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I’m pleased to release my first ever Avon Haul. I want to thank you all so much for watching in advance.


Save 20% off your $50 order by using code WELCOME at checkout. Click here to pick up any of the items.

Items mentioned:


Avon Oversized Organizational Tote


Avon Cushion Walk Pamela Loafer
Avon Cushion Walk Mary Jane Pump

Items to be available on 9/30/16:

mark. Don’t Let Go Satchel – pic coming soon
Skin So Soft WinterSoft – pic coming soon
Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate  – pic coming soon


Avon Campaign 21 2016 – Avon Brochure

Avon Brochure – Avon Campaign 21 2016 available online from 9/16/16 – 9/30/16. Avon Campaign 21 introduces So Very Sofia Eau de Parfum by Sofia Vergara, Avon True Color Wide Awake mascara, the newly designed glimmersticks, introduction to new clothing items in the Signature Collection and more! Don’t miss out on these awesome deals! Shop online at

To be notified of upcoming deals, complete the following form:

mark. Magalog 10 2016 – online magalog

Avon and mark. have really stepped their game up with this Fall’s selection of wardrobe and fashion accessories. Check out these awesome new products available online today at There is a special Flash Sale with 30% off on 9/2/2016 so if it’s not too late, hop on over and get in on these awesome deals. If you missed it, don’t worry. You can still save 20% off your $50+ order when you use code WELCOME at checkout.


Fall fashion 2016

Avon True Color Wide Awake Mascara

​Sneak Peek Alert!!! New #Avon True Color Wide Awake Mascara. Get yours today by contacting me.

See the True Color Wide Awake Mascara here!

New Avon Fragrance: Far Away Infinity

New product alert! In 2016, Avon has introduced quite a few new women’s fragrances: Ultra Sexy Heart, Little Black Dress (revamped), Ultra Sexy Lace (reintroduced), Luck la Vie and now — Far Away Infinity which will be added to it’s collection with Far Away and Far Away Gold.

As a special introductory price, Avon has priced this wonderful fragrance at $16.00; however, you must get it now as the price will soon be $23.00.

Escape to a world of infinite possibilities with this long-lasting floral infusion of luminous marigold and Indian jasmine sambac veiled in sensual vanilla. A captivating oriental/floral scent encapsulated in a standout fragrance bottle that will add a pop of color to your vanity.

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Luminous Marigold, Lacquered Gardenia
Middle Notes: Indian Jasmine Sambac, Moroccan Orange Flower ABS, Jasmine Absolute
Bottom Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Vanilla Infusion, Velvet Sandalwood

To get your Far Away Infinity, purchase online at To receive a free sample, complete the following contact form:


mark. Maui Bliss Collection Just Released

Welcome to Campaign 12, 2016 or should I say Aloha? What??? You’re not in Hawaii. Why are you saying Aloha?

With the new Mark. Maui Bliss Collection, you’d swear you were on some type of island. Just in time for summer, Mark. has really stepped its game up with the introduction of the All is Palm Maxi Dress, matching accessories, fragrance and of course — MAKEUP. I had to try it out. My inner islander wouldn’t let me rest. To appease her, I decided to purchase the Mark. Sunset Glow Face Bronzer, Mark. Hawaii Five Oh! Eyeshadow Compact and Mark. Sea And Be Seen Beach Bag.

I must say I REALLY LOVE MARK. I did a quick swatch of the face bronzer and OMG. The pigmentation is AH-MAZING! The Mark. Hawaii Five Oh! has such beautiful colors. I’ve been wearing my beach bag since I purchased it even though I haven’t been to the beach.

I’m a hoarder and this beach bag gives me the perfect amount of space needed. I’ve been able to keep brochures, all of my personal makeup, wallet and more.

Mark. Sea And Be Seen Beach Bag
Mark. Sunset Glow Face Bronzer


Mark. Hawaii Five Oh! Eyeshadow Compact
Mark. All is Palm Maxi Dress

Check out all of mark. products here and watch the mini video below: