8 Reasons Why You Should Be Uploading Videos to Facebook

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Uploading Your Videos to Facebook Versus Sharing Your Videos

As we know, the internet has completely revolutionized the way we conduct business. Almost all activities are connected to the internet. As such, many sales and marketing professionals continue to and have even increased their reliance on the internet. Companies are suggesting that sales staff create and share engaging content and that’s not all — they’re encouraging creating videos! Yes, gone are the days of the handful of professional Youtube vloggers. Everyone is now on Youtube but many are doing it all wrong. Small business owners and sales representatives are told to create content and then share, share, share! That is correct but many do not know the difference between uploading a video to Facebook versus sharing a video on Facebook.

Here are the 8 reasons why you should be uploading your video versus sharing your video on Facebook:

  1. No permanent landing spots. When a video is shared, the author of the post is simply copying the website URL and pasting it in their status. As s/he continues to update the status, the original post is pushed down the timeline. New visitors may not see it or even know that it exists.Uploading a video: permanent landing spot. When a video is uploaded, it’s very similar to uploading a picture/album on your personal Facebook page. Regardless of when someone views the profile, they can click on the link designated just for videos.
  2. Uploading a video: no redirects. Many viewers become skeptical if they have to bypass too many pages before reaching the final landing page. You don’t want to deter them by taking too long to get to the desired content.
  3. Uploading a video: ability to create a playlist. Facebook will automatically play all of the videos in your playlist. Even if a visitor was brought in by one video, s/he may watch multiple videos since it’s easily accessible.
  4. Uploading a video: ability to categorize and tag the video. If a viewer wants to see specific types of videos, they do not have to weed through all of your videos. They also know what your video will be about before viewing to avoid wasting time.
  5. Uploading a video: increased exposure through others. With your video being categorized and tagged, your video may be recommended after viewers watch similar videos; thus, increasing your reach to viewers who may not have known you even existed.
  6. Uploading a video: ability to create a call-to-action. Though you can create a call-to-action in the description listed with your video link, many viewers may overlook it. Their eyes are then glued to the center of the screen. They have no reason to look up unless they’re finished watching. The call-of-action at the end of the video keeps their eyes locked into the center of the screen and does not require that they go back to figure out what you’d like them to do. They can simply click on LEARN MORE, SHOP NOW, DONATE NOW, etc.
  7. Uploading a video: easier to follow. In the Facebook mobile application, there is a FOLLOW button in the right hand corner of the screen. On the Facebook website, instead of FOLLOW, it has the LIKE THIS PAGE link, which is essence the same. Going back to the benefit of no redirects, users do not have to click on a link to get to Youtube then login to subscribe to your channel or create an account if they don’t have one. It’s all conveniently located in one location.
  8. Uploading a video: direct link back to your page. The goal is to build brand recognition. If you post a link, there is a great probability that someone will simply copy and post your link in their status; thus, directing traffic to them. If the video is in your library, they have to share your video; thus, share your page (creating more traffic to your website).

Happy marketing!

Sales Success: the Fortune Really is in the Follow-Up

I know we’ve all heard it before, whether it’s in class or our first day on the job, about the importance of following up with potential leads. Yet, so often, we tend to forget. No, I’m not talking about being the pesky salesperson that calls every hour to see if you’ve changed your mind; I’m talking about checking in regularly to see how you may be of assistance. As salespeople, we tend to become so wrapped up in the idea of instant gratification that we let potential opportunities slip through our finger tips. Yes, it’s true. We are humans and humans tend to forget; however, with so much technology, that’s no longer a valid excuse. Save a memo, add it to your electronic to-do list with an alarm, put it in your smartphone’s calendar, add it to your Outlook calendar, write it down on your fridge, put a Post-It on the back of your hand, it doesn’t matter how to do it — do it!

We’re often trained to categorize our leads into these basic categories: cold, warm and hot. So often, we jump to the hot leads because we feel they’re ready to commit in that moment. As a result, other leads are thrown into a pile of “another day”. With that, another day turns into another day and in turn, turns into another week, month or even year! Treat each lead as if they’re “hot” because they may be depending on how you handle them. People love to feel valued. If they feel ignored, they may just ignore you. You’ve worked so hard for that lead, don’t let it slip away. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about calling everyday until they ask to be placed on your Do-Not-Call List. I’m talking about carefully spaced-out, yet time-responsive efforts. You need to be calculated. The beauty of technology is the ability to compose an email, text or even voicemail and send it at a scheduled time and date. With this, it still gives a personal touch but allows you to run multiple facets of your business while chasing that hot lead.

Many wonder if a person is truly interested, do you really have to follow up? Yes! Yes, you do for these very simple reasons: 1) they’re human and 2) they’re human. The first part goes back to the initial statement that humans tend to forget. Being forgetful doesn’t always signify a person’s desire. Life gets in the way. People become busy. It’s not their job to track you down or they simply could have lost your contact information.

Secondly, because they are humans, they may also be skeptical and testing you. Let’s face it: at some point, we are all someone’s lead. Do you eagerly buy from everyone that approaches you? If you answered yes, I’m sure that salespeople love you; however, I’m sure a great portion of you said no. Besides the fact that many people like to do research before making a commitment, most people buy from people because they’re buying into that person. In today’s market, there is always competition. So what sets you aside from everyone else? You!

In ordered to feel reassured, people need to know that you have their best interest in mind, that you’re knowledgeable and that you’re not just looking for a quick buck. You have to treat people how you want to be treated. Sales is a relationship-business. People learn and grow with you. When conducting follow-ups, don’t just call for the “kill”. Take a few moments to make sure you’ve addressed any concerns and most importantly, if you say you’re going to do another follow-up, do it!

Personal story: last year, I began looking into other business opportunities. It wasn’t because I hated my job. I just needed something productive to do with my spare time. I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to meet others and have fun! I called around and emailed several companies. Of the companies, one lady responded with generic message but the other tried setting an appointment. She had an event that evening and we had to reschedule. I never heard back from her. About 5-6 weeks AFTER our missed appointment, she emailed stating she’s been so busy and she wanted to help me get started. I guess I fell through the cracks. I politely informed her since the inquiry I’ve joined another company, made #1 in sales for new representatives and have even began recruiting for the company! Of course, it wasn’t music to her ears or eyes but it just shows that just because a person isn’t chasing you down, doesn’t mean they’re not ready. You could miss out on your diamond in the rough. If you’ve only taken one thing from this, please let it be: the fortune is in the follow-up. Continue to build relationships and show everyone how you’d want to be treated. It may take longer to close a sale or even shorter, but persistence is key.