Why You Keep Reverting Back to Old Habits When Trying to Lose Weight

Have you ever woke up feeling super motivated like “I’m going to take on the world!!!”

Seen enough transformation pictures, convinced yourself that you can actually do this and then whoops!

You’re right back to doing old stuff!

Super frustrating, isn’t it?

Trust me, I know.

Every time I set off to “be healthy”, I’d go a day, maybe half a day, sometimes a week, maybe a little more and then I was right back to the same old Natalie or as Ginuwine said “the Same Ol’ G” — remember that song or am I telling my age 😅

Now, keep in mind, I’m not talking about adherence to some super strict and restrictive diet. 

I’m talking about those small lifestyle changes and goals like eating more fruit, getting more veggies, eating more protein, getting in some whole grains, etc. 

Why does it seem like we struggle with the SIMPLEST of things? 

Instead of beating yourself up, it’s time we take a look at your subconscious programming.

Watch this video where I quickly explain your subconscious and conscious mind: 

Your Subconscious vs Conscious Mind

You see, in many cases, you’re going back to old habits because you’ve MASTERED them (after many years of practice).

So how does it tie in to weight loss?

We all like to know that we’re doing “good”.

Knowing that you’re doing good feels good, doesn’t it?

You’ve become a pro at your old habits and you know that you can find pleasure there because you always have.

Going into new territory is scary. 

Trying new things is scary.

Risks are scary.

Failure is scary.

Your mind is always assessing the risk in an effort to “protect” you from any and all threats.

So many times, we naturally want to go back to the thing we know we’re good at and find pleasure.

When it comes to weight loss, many of us now have to use our minds. 

Things that used to come to us easily are now a challenge.

We actually have to “try” to listen to our bodies, “try” to honor our hunger, “try” to honor our fullness and even in some cases, “try” to remember to take care of ourselves.

Yes, these things are now all conscious decisions we have to make.

It’s a risk now.

You can get it “right” or you can fail… and remember, your mind wants to avoid failure at all costs.

Now of course, you may be wondering “Natalie, how do I rewire or reprogram my mind? How can I get my subconscious to work FOR me?!?!”

Answer: ME plan.

Yep, this is why I covered creating your ME plan in both my 4-Day Mindful Eating course and my 30-minute Nutrition: How to Eat for Weight Loss training. 

Most of us are so focused on survival that we’re not actually living. We’ve just become robots. Operating without much thought. 

Oftentimes, we can’t remember what we did — let alone why we did it.

There’s a huge disconnect between our minds and our bodies.

Creating your ME plan will help you close that gap.

Each day, create your ME plan to follow. This will get you into the habit of becoming aware of you, your situation, and your environment. 

This will help you fit your goals into your lifestyle and it will also help you FOCUS.

Then, of course, naturally, you’ll become a pro at being aware, preparing yourself and making nourishing yourself a priority as well as a habit. 

As you do it more, you won’t even have to consciously think about it anymore.

That “HARD” thing, that risk, will become easier — less of a challenge.

It’ll become second nature to you. 

Creating your ME plan will help rebuild your confidence and get you back in tune with yourself.

Yes, I HIGHLY recommend creating your ME plan every single day. 

PS if you’re ready to ditch the diet and lose weight without giving up your favorite foods, sign up for my free 30-minute training where I walk you through how to eat for weight loss and my 4-step Glow Up Formula that helped me lose 88lbs!

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