Avon Rise Up Incentive for Leaders – Cash Bonuses up to $38,500!

Avon is giving it’s sales leaders a major incentive to grow their business! Beginning in Campaign 20, 2016, Avon will be offering cash rewards that total up to $38,500 with it’s new Rise Up incentive! The best part is this money will be in the hands of sales leaders by the holidays with the opportunity to keep earning in the new year! Need to raise some extra money for family vacation? Gifts/presents? Want to begin new year with new car? New house? Pay down tuition? What are your goals?


Not in sales leadership yet? That’s fine. It’s quite simple. Inform your friends/family/coworkers about the Avon opportunity. Joining Avon has never been easier. New representatives can join online at http://www.startavon.com and use your reference code to register their new account.


Note: this should not be confused with Avon’s new incentive for representatives called Kick Start. Kick Start will begin in Campaign 22, 2016. With the Kick Start program, new representatives can earn up to $1,000 in their first 90 days! More information to come.


Not part of Avon yet? It’s not too late to join in on the party! What can you use that money for? Click here to begin earning it.

To Join Avon now:

  1. Go to www.startavon.com

  2. Use reference code chicagosnatalie

  3. You’ll receive confirmation and access to your new Avon account to begin earning immediately!


Avon Sponsored Trip to New York!

I’m finally back from New York and I must say that I am truly in love with Avon! I’ve never been to New York and for those of you following along, I’ve only been with Avon for about 8 months. I joined late last year around the holidays and began to focus on building my business in January.

Since January, I’ve recruited over 180 new Avon representatives in 32 different states and have personally sold almost $10K while working a full-time job. Yes! It can certainly be done! I’ve given myself 5 promotions in Avon’s Advanced Leadership Program: promoter, star promoter (officially skipped this level), ambassador, silver ambassador (skipped this one too), gold ambassador and I am now LEADER. This means that my team is responsible for generating at least $16K in sales each month AND that I’ve mentored another representative to develop his/her own team and they’re selling about $4K per month. Currently, I am mentoring 7 new leadership representatives.

Of course, I’ve received great monetary rewards; however, one thing I wasn’t prepared for was recognition. If you missed the announcement, check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZFxbRpKOFI.  I literally cried when I saw and heard my name on the screen. I couldn’t believe it. They hadn’t announced that they were going to mention me and I popped in on the call just to learn more about recent changes. Within seconds of joining, I saw the announcement and caught the replay so I could record and share with everyone. This is definitely one of my proudest moments.

Not long ago, Avon reached out to me and a few other more well-known and experienced representatives to work on a special project. Details have yet to be released but let’s just say that it is to improve all of our experiences. In my corporate experience, I’ve played part of special projects but I must say this experience was truly different —truly genuine. It wasn’t the “let’s ask her just so she thinks we’re listening” type of thing or asking for suggestions only to shut them down due to budget. I can honestly tell that they care.

I got to meet Betty Palm, President Social Selling; Donna Miles, Head of US Sales Leadership; Tammy Jernigan, US Sales Training Manager; Radhika Ray, Vice President of Cerberus; and a host of others. They are truly the big wigs of Avon! And here I was meeting them without even knowing who they were and their levels of awesomeness. They striped all titles and I saw them as the genuine, caring and even nurturing humans they are. You could easily tell that they are truly invested in us — in me. How is it possible that they can invest so much in a person they barely even know?

It was truly remarkable. After meetings, we went out to dinner at Tuscano and then dessert at Serendipity 3. I hate that I didn’t take a picture. The food was delicious! After the meetings were all done, I set out to discover town with another representative they’d invited. In just 1 short day, we became friends instantly and I’ve even spoken to her since being back home.

In my New York experience, I got to play part of important business decisions, learned from the other representatives to better myself and formed instant friendships. I can’t thank Avon enough! Check out the pics below!

If you’re interested in joining me, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to http://www.startavon.com
  2. Use reference code chicagosnatalie
  3. That’s it! You’re on your way! You’ll receive your new account number and can begin working your new business immediately. I’ll also reach out to make sure you’re getting started on the right path.

Avon Reps: 11 Tips to Turning Facebook Posts into New Customers

Update: New Video Training as of 1/29/2019

Note: Original article is from 2016; therefore, SOME information may have changed since then.

Often, I’m either asked the question of how do I grow my business online or hear the complaint that no one is buying after several Facebook posts. Facebook has an algorithm. The more a person engages with your posts, the more likely Facebook will show them your posts. Facebook has recently included a survey that asks users how often they want to see posts from you. To avoid the “Really Don’t Want” selection, make sure your posts are engaging, informative and specific to your audience.

Facebook Survey

Here are 11 tips that I use to help grow my audience, keep them engaged and convert them to online customers:

  1. Select your audience – starting off, it’s fine to invite all of your friends to like your Facebook page. It’s a great way to let everyone know what you do and also once your page hits 50 “likes”, you’ll have access to Insights (described below). Once your page has the minimum likes, you’ll want to think about your target market to better engage with your potential customers. If you’re unsure, think about your specialty. What made you decide to sell Avon? Do you love a certain product? Do you love the makeup? Do you love the fragrances? It’s easier to talk about the products you love and also helps you understand the psyche of similar customers. Invite those with similar interests to “like” your page. If you don’t have many personal friends, join online communities that share similar interests. Share your posts in the group, interact with others and invite them to like your page or “friend” them.
  2. Be original – people buy from people they like. Let your personality show in your posts. There are a lot of Avon representatives and Avon (corporate) posting pictures to promote sales. Change it up. Even if you use an Avon-approved photo, change the wording. Be original. Be creative. No one wants to hear the same message over and over again. If you have the product, take a picture of it. It shows that you believe in the product (enough to buy it) and the photo is unique so they’ll only see it on your page. One of my  male customers has agreed to model his bottle of Luck for me 🙂 Can’t wait to post it.
  3. Call-to-action – let your viewers know what you intend for them to do but be creative. Don’t just say “buy from me.” Customers see/hear that everyday. Try to create some type of engagement such as “who’s ready to try it?” or “who else loves pink?”
  4. Always include your e-store address – don’t assume they know your website address. Include it on every post that includes a product. If you’re showcasing a specific product, direct customers to the URL for that specific product (instructions available if needed).
  5. Get your viewers involved – tell viewers to “like”, share, comment and tag others. This is free publicity, keeps the audience engaged and gets your posts seen by more users. Facebook usually shares on personal timelines when a “friend” has liked a post.
  6. Educate/enlighten – your page doesn’t have to be a 24/7 sales ad. No one wants to be constantly sold. Post an educating article or funny meme. Viewers will naturally share or like it if it’s entertaining, engaging or something different. Just recently, I posted a teenager that saved up $17k to open his own business. New viewers engaged with this post and now they’re being shown more of my posts.
  7. Hashtags – add 2-3 hash tags that tells users the content of the post. If you’re showing off lipstick, use #lipstick. Whenever anyone searches #lipstick or lipstick, your post may be seen (even if they’re not following you). Try it. Search in Facebook for #Avon, you’ll see official posts from Avon as well as from other representatives and customers.
  8. Share – depending on your fan base or how many people have “liked” your Facebook business page, your post may only be seen by a handful of people. Share your posts in Facebook groups (according to your interests) and on your personal Facebook page. When you share the post, it’s almost as if handing out your business card. At the top of the posts, it will say that you’ve shared it and allows the person to click on your business name. With that, they can go down your timeline to see more posts and even “like” your page.
  9. Keep the audience engaged – treat online customers just like face-to-face. If you have samples, offer them samples. Interact with your customers. Reach out to anyone that likes your post. Invite them to like your page and also see if you’d be able to offer some assistance.
  10. Insights – Facebook offers insights for your business page. With this, you can see the age group that engages most with your posts, how many people view your page, and so much more. Use this information and tailor your messages to your audience.
  11. Building fan base without Facebook – whether online or offline, tell your current customers to “like” your Facebook business page for new products, special offers and whatever else you’d like to throw in. Include it in your e-mail signature, on your brochures, across other social media accounts, on business cards and wherever else you can print it.

Above all, don’t become discouraged. It takes time to build a successful online business. Consistency is key. Share, share, share, share, share and just when you’re about to quit, share some more. With all the posts on Facebook, it’s easy for your message to become drowned. The key is to get your message in front of more people and when it becomes popular/relevant, Facebook will show it to others.

Here’s an example:

On Saturday, I received my Avon delivery with samples for Musk + Marine, Musk + Storm and Musk + Fire. I took a picture of the samples and asked who would like to try a new fragrance. I shared in a couple of groups. Immediately, gentlemen began to “like” the post. For the gentlemen that did not like my Facebook page, I “invited” them to like it so they can see more of my posts (picture shown). Not only did I invite them to like it but I also messaged them to collect their contact information. The contact information was then entered into my back office so they receive all the emails about special promotions. I’ll also mail them the samples. With this one posts, I gained 1 new customer and 37 new contacts! It’s no different than face-to-face. If you have samples, you’d offer it to your customers or even just threw in the bag; however, now you’re able to see who’s even looking for that type of sample.




Here’s another example:

In this post, I decided to create my own ad to showcase mark. Lipclick in Starlet. The url directs users to the product so they can purchase. They don’t have to try to find it on the site. I also used popular hashtags in the makeup community:

#MOTD – Makeup of the Day

#POTD – Product of the Day or Photo of the Day

#FOTD – Face of the Day


Of course, these tips can be used on just about all social media accounts. So feel free to try them out!