Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Why Is Facebook Blocking Your Post

Looking to build your Avon business online? Are you focusing on Facebook? Not getting anywhere? Let’s figure out why!

Argh! Can we be real for a second? Facebook is deleting posts from the social media center and the Avon community is going crazy! Why?

Avon Promotional Items for Shy Representatives

Not long ago, I posted a blog including passive aggressive tips for shy Avon representatives. In the list, I suggested getting a tote. I felt it was only right to show some of the promotional items and list a few ideas so that representatives looking to grow their business could have an idea of simple and easy ways to promote themselves.

True story: while waiting on Chicago’s train system, aka “el”, I noticed a lady staring at me. She never said a word but looked at my tote. I continued to watch her. She then pulled out her phone and began typing and looking at my bag. That day I ended up with an online order! I guess some people just prefer to shop online 🙂

Blog for shy representatives: