The Avon Chronicles: Where I Am Today

As a society, we have become so wrapped up in instant gratification that we give up before the results even come in. Why let all of that go? Why give up when you’re so close to the finish line?

Where I Am Today – Billy Blanks Quote

I’d be lying if I said I wake up everyday, eagerly awaiting my next Avon move. There are moments when I’m downright tired! Frustrated! Hurt! Don’t feel like getting up or out of the bed. Oh, if only I could just lay in bed all day! Of course, this is never healthy — not for your mental and definitely not for your waistline.

Lately, I’ve been working out, hence the Billy Blanks quote above. For the past few years, I’ve been slacking when it comes to working out. Netflix binge with a glass in hand has become quite the routine. I used to go running or find some form of exercise every single day. There wouldn’t be a day go by that I didn’t engage in physical activity, sometimes twice a day. Thinking back on it, it’s when I was at my happiest.

I smiled more often. I felt good about how I looked in my clothes and I was even more socially involved. I don’t know how I got into this slump — an unending downward spiral of depression. The heavier I got, the less I went outside — the less I saw my family. Ultimately, the less happy I became. My smiles didn’t have any meaning or feeling behind them.

A few months ago, I decided to get back in shape — take control of my life. I began watching what I ate and slowly introduced exercising. The first two weeks were hell but I’m proud to say in less than two months, I’ve gone down two shirt sizes and possibly two sizes in pants (I haven’t went shopping yet). In the very beginning, I was immediately discouraged. Honestly, I wanted to see results after one session. A week went by and I almost gave up! What’s the sense in  dieting and exercising if you can’t tell the difference?

I found the willpower to keep going. I didn’t fluff up overnight so it would take more than 14 days to notice real results. For those that do not know, I service my mom’s nursing/rehab home. She’s a nurse there and I used to leave brochures there. In my drunken, self-pitying slumber, I stopped leaving brochures. I could never find the time. I always rushed home to hop in the bed. I was just so busy doing nothing! I used to drop brochures off religiously, regardless if I got orders or not — how can people know what to order if they don’t know if it’s on sale? Why hadn’t I thought of that?

My mom called last week saying the ladies at her job needed brochures. Of course, still feeling the after effects of being a lazy slouch, I didn’t make it to her job that night. Instead, I told her I’d drop the brochures off in the morning before work — at 6 a.m. —eek! What was I thinking?

Last Tuesday, I got in my car and I heard Billy say “where I am today is where my mind and will put me.” It was at that moment that it hit me. Running my Avon business is much like exercising. Do you want to do it everyday? Probably not. Will you see results immediately? Probably not. It’s the weeks of hitting the pavement, focusing your efforts elsewhere, sheer will and determination that yield results.

As a society, we have become so wrapped up in instant gratification that we give up before the results even come in. Why let all of that go? Why give up when you’re so close to the finish line? 

Am I really willing to give up weeks, months and now even a year of not only blogging, engaging in social media but the physical work of battling the freezing temperatures in the winter and sizzling heat of the summer?

As I drove off, I realized I’ve come too far to give up. I’m looking at the present when my ultimate goal is complete freedom. I dropped the books off and went to work. Two days later, my mom called to say that three new women wanted to order from me! That two-minute sacrifice of boredom paid off — literally!

Orders are back in and I dropped them off right before work yesterday and this morning 🙂 I didn’t dread either. I’m one step closer to my goal. Where I am tomorrow is where my mind will put me.

Tips for Shy Avon Representatives

If the thought of knocking on someone’s door or walking up to a random stranger for Avon scares the lights out of you, don’t worry! You’re not alone. The common misconception is that you have to be an outgoing, life-of-the-party, can-talk-to-the-wall type of person in order to be successful with Avon. It’s far from the truth! There is no right or wrong way to sell Avon unless you simply don’t sell Avon — but then, that’s just wrong.

How you market yourself depends on you. Do whatever you’re comfortable doing and if it makes you too uncomfortable, don’t do it. Every once in a while, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow but remember to take baby steps until you’re ready. There is no deadline set that says you have to have a certain task accomplished by a certain date. This is your business. Grow it at your own pace. As you gain more experience and knowledge, your confidence will grow and eventually, you’ll have no problem approaching strangers about your Avon business.

Grow at your own pace and not just for your personal well-being but for the growth of your business as well. Many people can sense fear, self-doubt and any negative emotion. This can either play into your benefit of someone helping you because they feel sorry for you but often, you’ll run into people that are not eager to buy because they believe you lack confidence in your business, products and/or self. Many newer representatives are shy or timid when it comes to sharing the Avon opportunity or products due to fear of rejection or fear of not seeming knowledgeable.

So what can you do?

If you fear coming across as ill-prepared, there is Avon University which teaches how to grow your Avon business, grow sales, repeat customers, product knowledge and much more. Not only will you have an online university at your finger tips but you will also have the guidance and support of your District Sales Manager, your upline if you’re assigned and the help of Avon Customer Care and Product Hotline.

This leads us to the biggest fear: rejection. Fearing rejection makes anyone lose confidence at times. Let’s talk about how to boost that confidence so rejection can roll off your back like a drop of sweat. An instant confidence boost is people approaching you versus the other way around.

Try a form of passive-aggressive marketing in the form of self-promotion. You can do this by wearing Avon clothing and accessories from the Avon brochures. If someone compliments your perfume, makeup or outfit, tell them that it’s Avon then offer a brochure. Also, wear an Avon pin/button, name badge, pens, bag with the Avon logo, hat, t-shirt, etc. Items as such may be found or created online using Town & Country, VistaPrint, etc.

Get business cards and/or flyers. Leave a business card with your tip or whenever you pay a bill. This also counts when you mail in the bill — someone has to open it. Hang a brochure/flyer/business card on local bulletin boards.

If you have a car, try a window decal, sticker, magnets, suction cup hooks, or even window chalk. Put your name, AVON and contact information. Your car is now a moving advertisement. When sitting in the parking lot, people will notice and either approach for brochure or take one if you have the hook.

Have a house? Try a lawn sign or poster in the window.

Have inventory? Try a local flea/farmer’s market. People will approach your table or think about having an open house.

Have to deliver to existing customer? Make sure you deliver in an Avon bag so everyone else that may see it knows that you are the local Avon representative.

Already have customers? Ask for a referral. Tell customers that they can pass the brochure out to friends and family. Give great service and they’ll be eager to refer friends/family. – this website offers lead boxes to leave at businesses and have customers/recruits place their contact information in the box for you to contact.

Have tons of brochures? Try tossing. Tossing is the act of throwing Avon brochures (100+) in neighborhoods (also called canvassing). Brochures are usually older and the return rate is about 1%. Toss brochures in driveway/porch. Try to cover books in event of rain or snow using a zip lock or Avon Clear Literature Bag.

Many businesses have an area to leave literature. Ask if you can do the same and leave a few Avon brochures or business cards.

Social media

Of course with social media, you don’t have to worry about anyone slamming the door in your face. They’ll simply ignore 🙂 If you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, be sure to include Avon in your job title. Your friends/followers/connections will receive notification of your new title and will either congratulate, comment or “like.” Create a Facebook business page and invite all of your Facebook friends to “like” it. This will allow you to keep only those interested updated on new Avon news. Even look into having an online party.

E-mail all of your contacts to let them know about your new Avon business.

Be creative! Have fun! Remember, if someone approaches you and you share a brochure, always get the contact information to follow up. Inform the potential customer/recruit that you’ll simply follow up to see if they need anything or to remind them that your order goes in.

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