Major Announcement: I got the trip to the Bahamas!!!

I announced earlier this year the Vacation Like a Boss incentive through Avon. Well! Stats have been updated and I earned the all expense paid trip to the Bahamas! Just getting started or not apart of Avon yet? Don’t worry. There’s another trip coming up for Disney World. Be sure to stay tuned in.

Major Announcement: I got the trip to the Bahamas!!!

I announced earlier this year the Vacation Like a Boss incentive through Avon. Well! Stats have been updated and I earned the all expense paid trip to the Bahamas! Just getting started or not apart of Avon yet? Don’t worry. There’s another trip coming up for Disney World. Be sure to stay tuned in. Subscribe to my blog to be updated or follow me on social media.
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Networking Challenge: How to Grow Your Business

Networking Challenge: How to Grow Your Business

Are you in direct sales or have your own small business? Want to know how to grow your business? Learn why it’s important to increase your network.
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Personal Recruiting Tips and Using Facebook

Hey Believers!

What has changed since you joined Avon? Confidence boost? More friends? Something to do on weekends? Able to pay a bill?

Are you sharing your story? People want to see real results. No matter how small. We all start somewhere! Are you sharing your story? Why not?

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Online recruiting tips for your network marketing business or homebased business. #WAHM #SAHM #WORKFROMHOME #BOSS #BOSSBABE #LADYBOSS #WORK

Personal Recruiting Tips and Using Facebook

Hey Believers!

What has changed since you joined Avon? Confidence boost? More friends? Something to do on weekends? Able to pay a bill?

Are you sharing your story? People want to see real results. No matter how small. We all start somewhere! Are you sharing your story? Why not?

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Online recruiting tips for your network marketing business or homebased business. #WAHM #SAHM #WORKFROMHOME #BOSS #BOSSBABE #LADYBOSS #WORK

Avon Advanced Leadership Earnings Chart Revised

Major changes to Avon’s Advanced Leadership Program Earnings Chart! With a minimum $500 bonus for promoting to the next leadership level and up to $20,000 for continuing to grow, you can’t lose! Check out how much Avon sales leaders can make with their home-based business!

#WorkFromHome #StayAtHome #WAHM #SAHM #MomPreneur #Hustle #SideGig #Job #BeautyBoss

Awesome news! Beginning in Campaign 4 2017, there will be some revisions to the Advanced Leadership Program and guess what?!?! The changes are actually going to put more money into Avon sales representatives and leaders’ pockets.
Changes (differences between new earnings chart and most recent version):
– Slight renaming of title by the introduction of the “bronze” level for each leadership group
– Introduction of Qualified Recruit Bonus
– New Sponsoring Bonus
– New Promotion Bonus
– New Mentor Bonus
The minimum promotion bonus is $500 and as much as $20,000 for advancing! As you continue to help your team grow, you can earn a mentor bonus of anywhere from $250-10,000 while they’re earning the promotion bonuses as well! How awesome is that? Don’t ever let anyone say “leaders make money off of you.” Leaders make money WITH you.

So if you’re looking to make some REAL money with your Avon business, generating a check bi-monthly, let’s make this happen!

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Avon Advanced Leadership Program Earnings Chart Revised Campaign 4 2017



Avon Advanced Leadership Earnings Chart *just replaced by version above*

The Avon Chronicles: It is A Big Deal

Avon Campaign 20, 2016 Stats

It is A Big Deal

My biggest competition is myself. I always seek to push myself farther and harder than I’ve gone before. It’s a blessing and a curse really. At times, it’s great because you accomplish so much but then when it rains, it really pours. It tumbles down harder than a stack of bricks. You start thinking about where you want to be and what you should have accomplished based upon YOUR timing.

Often, I look at Avon’s leadership levels and I always think about where I should be by now. Nothing is ever good enough. I always look up, up, and up. I’m not one to dwell on the past so I have no choice but to look forward. My dream is to make it all the way to the top of Avon’s leadership chart so naturally, I’m never fully content with my current standing. It can be so depressing at times.

I was blinded by potential. I never sat back and thought about what I had accomplished because I knew it wasn’t the amount I needed  if that makes any sense — one of the downfalls of the overly ambitious. I think at some point, we all encounter this issue regardless of the field. You want something so bad that it becomes all you can see and when you don’t see it, you get an overwhelming sense of failure 😦

At our district sales meetings, my DSM would always introduce me to the rest of the attendees. She’d put me in the spotlight and tell the team what all I’ve been able to accomplish since joining Avon. She’d tell the team how great I was because I conduct majority of my business online. I always thought like “yea, whatever, no big deal”. At times, I really thought she did it just to motivate me to keep going — something she does with all newbies.

The entire room would express their oohs and aahs and I even had representatives ask how I do/did it. A few ladies took down my number so we could chat later. Even with this, I really thought it was just their way of making a girl feel welcomed, ya know? Like this is nothing. Everyone does this. There are women that have sold Avon longer than I have been alive so what’s the big deal?

These district sales meetings quickly turned into Question and Answers segments. Of course, they’d all want to know how many people I had on my team and my challenge of being an e-rep as they like to call them. Some even flat out told me that it couldn’t be done :/ I’ll be honest. There were many more naysayers than people that believed that I could do it — not because they didn’t believe in me, but because they hadn’t seen it done before or often. So immediately, I wrote them off believing they didn’t want to work their business. It was the only rationale I could develop to keep me motivated and focused.

Our sales cycle is 2-weeks long and the final reporting day is what we like to call Close Out Tuesday (term used by leaders). Close Out Tuesday’s gives all stats for sales and leadership. Each campaign, I’d look at my stats, Campaign 20’s stats (shown below), updated on 9/27/16. Not being arrogant but I got used to seeing my name on the top for recruits so I became indifferent. I simply told myself others didn’t want to be in leadership. I’m not in Top 10 Sales Increase because it compares the previous year’s stats (I haven’t been selling for a year).c20closeout

Still, I was able to write all of this off. Talk about a case of serious denial. As some of you may know, I was 1 of 22 leadership representatives asked to help Avon develop it’s new business management tool. As a result, Avon flew me out to the New York headquarters in August. I got to meet some of the big “wigs” in Avon corporate but I also got to meet some of the top leaders.

I’ll never forget the day I was at work and received a text message from a New Jersey area code. In the message, he introduced himself, his role with Avon and then invited me to New York. I was so in shock and in denial that I thought I was dreaming. I called and texted just about everyone to share the news. I was ecstatic! Believe it or not, I was still in denial. Not as much but there was still a cast of doubt. This could not be happening! It took arriving at the airport to realize this was really real! It brings tears to me eyes just thinking about it.

While in New York, I learned more about the Avon leaders and I was the baby there both age but also tenure. They all seemed floored away but my progress. I was at a table with ladies that were responsible for selling millions in a year and they were more interested in me! We picked each others’ brains and I realized it has taken them years to get to that level and here I am, crying because I haven’t accomplished it in 9 months. Sounds silly just writing it but that’s what happens when you’re an overachieve with unrealistic goals.

You begin to realize how if you aren’t careful, you set yourself up for failure. I’m #10 in the district for sales and that wasn’t good enough for me. Number 10 in sales and it wasn’t good enough for me. I had to repeat it just so I could really see how silly I sound. I am in the top 13% of sales representatives in my district in my first year. Number 1 for recruits.

No one ever tells you that joining Avon is a life lesson. You eventually change/mold not just professionally, but personally. I was so focused on getting to the top that I forgot to acknowledge and even appreciate what I had accomplished. As I speak to other representatives, I begin to realize that they’d love to be in my position.

I don’t believe any of the top 10 sales reps have less than 5 years in the field and here I am, not even a year and I’m there. I’m beginning to realize it is a big deal.

Avon Representatives: How to Grow Your Business in Five Steps

I guess by now, you already know that I’m excited. What can I say? I just can’t hide it. Avon is a very exciting business venture. So here’s my good news: it is official — I’ve made Avon’s prestigious President’s Club! In order to receive President’s Club recognition, you must sell a minimum of $10,000 in a year. I haven’t even been with Avon for a year and I’ve sold over $10,000 since January (working part-time)!!! I’m so excited! I’m bubbling over with excitement. So naturally, I had to share 🙂

With Avon’s new KickStart Program and Rise Up incentive, I felt it was only right to share my tips with others so everyone else can join in on the fun and the money 🙂

Main tips to being successful with Avon:

  1. Brochures
  2. New Customers
  3. Existing Customers
  4. Follow-up
  5. Social Media/Internet

Reasons why you’d want to become part of President’s Club:

  • Guaranteed 40%-50% earnings and 25% on fixed-earnings items
  • Order up to 15 demos of any product in each What’s New (exclusive access to new products before they’re released)
  • Invitation to the President’s Recognition Program (PRP) Recognition Event
  • Celebrate your birthday and holidays with the gift of 25 points*
  • Toll-free number for account services
  • Advance Brochure Program—receive a brochure 2 campaigns early for a small fee**
  • Exclusive Gift presented at the PRP Recognition Event for highest level of achievement
  • Achievement pin presented at the PRP Recognition Event for highest level of achievement
  • 400 points to redeem for the Mrs. Albee Award or to use toward other items available on Rewards Headquarters—the choice is yours!
  • National Recognition Celebration
  • and more!

*Birthday points will be awarded in the first campaign of the month of your birthday. December Holidays points will be awarded in C-25.

**Look for an Invoice message upon achieving President’s Club. Trendsetter Representatives cannot participate.

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Tips for Shy Avon Representatives

How to Boost Your Business? With Other Businesses!

Avon Setting Goals to Be Successful

To join Avon now:

  1. Go to
  2. Use reference code: chicagosnatalie
  3. You’re all set! You’ll receive your online account information and can begin selling online immediately.

Tips for Shy Avon Representatives

If the thought of knocking on someone’s door or walking up to a random stranger for Avon scares the lights out of you, don’t worry! You’re not alone. The common misconception is that you have to be an outgoing, life-of-the-party, can-talk-to-the-wall type of person in order to be successful with Avon. It’s far from the truth! There is no right or wrong way to sell Avon unless you simply don’t sell Avon — but then, that’s just wrong.

How you market yourself depends on you. Do whatever you’re comfortable doing and if it makes you too uncomfortable, don’t do it. Every once in a while, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow but remember to take baby steps until you’re ready. There is no deadline set that says you have to have a certain task accomplished by a certain date. This is your business. Grow it at your own pace. As you gain more experience and knowledge, your confidence will grow and eventually, you’ll have no problem approaching strangers about your Avon business.

Grow at your own pace and not just for your personal well-being but for the growth of your business as well. Many people can sense fear, self-doubt and any negative emotion. This can either play into your benefit of someone helping you because they feel sorry for you but often, you’ll run into people that are not eager to buy because they believe you lack confidence in your business, products and/or self. Many newer representatives are shy or timid when it comes to sharing the Avon opportunity or products due to fear of rejection or fear of not seeming knowledgeable.

So what can you do?

If you fear coming across as ill-prepared, there is Avon University which teaches how to grow your Avon business, grow sales, repeat customers, product knowledge and much more. Not only will you have an online university at your finger tips but you will also have the guidance and support of your District Sales Manager, your upline if you’re assigned and the help of Avon Customer Care and Product Hotline.

This leads us to the biggest fear: rejection. Fearing rejection makes anyone lose confidence at times. Let’s talk about how to boost that confidence so rejection can roll off your back like a drop of sweat. An instant confidence boost is people approaching you versus the other way around.

Try a form of passive-aggressive marketing in the form of self-promotion. You can do this by wearing Avon clothing and accessories from the Avon brochures. If someone compliments your perfume, makeup or outfit, tell them that it’s Avon then offer a brochure. Also, wear an Avon pin/button, name badge, pens, bag with the Avon logo, hat, t-shirt, etc. Items as such may be found or created online using Town & Country, VistaPrint, etc.

Get business cards and/or flyers. Leave a business card with your tip or whenever you pay a bill. This also counts when you mail in the bill — someone has to open it. Hang a brochure/flyer/business card on local bulletin boards.

If you have a car, try a window decal, sticker, magnets, suction cup hooks, or even window chalk. Put your name, AVON and contact information. Your car is now a moving advertisement. When sitting in the parking lot, people will notice and either approach for brochure or take one if you have the hook.

Have a house? Try a lawn sign or poster in the window.

Have inventory? Try a local flea/farmer’s market. People will approach your table or think about having an open house.

Have to deliver to existing customer? Make sure you deliver in an Avon bag so everyone else that may see it knows that you are the local Avon representative.

Already have customers? Ask for a referral. Tell customers that they can pass the brochure out to friends and family. Give great service and they’ll be eager to refer friends/family. – this website offers lead boxes to leave at businesses and have customers/recruits place their contact information in the box for you to contact.

Have tons of brochures? Try tossing. Tossing is the act of throwing Avon brochures (100+) in neighborhoods (also called canvassing). Brochures are usually older and the return rate is about 1%. Toss brochures in driveway/porch. Try to cover books in event of rain or snow using a zip lock or Avon Clear Literature Bag.

Many businesses have an area to leave literature. Ask if you can do the same and leave a few Avon brochures or business cards.

Social media

Of course with social media, you don’t have to worry about anyone slamming the door in your face. They’ll simply ignore 🙂 If you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, be sure to include Avon in your job title. Your friends/followers/connections will receive notification of your new title and will either congratulate, comment or “like.” Create a Facebook business page and invite all of your Facebook friends to “like” it. This will allow you to keep only those interested updated on new Avon news. Even look into having an online party.

E-mail all of your contacts to let them know about your new Avon business.

Be creative! Have fun! Remember, if someone approaches you and you share a brochure, always get the contact information to follow up. Inform the potential customer/recruit that you’ll simply follow up to see if they need anything or to remind them that your order goes in.

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Avon: 5 Steps to Growing Your New Business

Congratulations! You’ve just opened your new Avon business and you’re very eager to get started but don’t know how or maybe you’re interested in turning this little hobby into sustainable income or maybe you have limited contacts to approach about your new Avon business. What should you do?

  1. Don’t become discouraged – the main difference between direct sales and any other business is our approach. With retail sales, people go to the store. With direct sales, we bring the store to people. If you walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, you’d come across tens if not hundreds of stores. Do you enter each store? Probably not. Direct sales is no different. Just because a person isn’t interested in your store does not mean that no one else will be. So what do you do? You put yourself in more places — you open more stores.  How do you do that?
  2. Practice the Power of Three (3) – the beauty of Avon is that you can incorporate it in your daily life. Each day that you’re out, running errands, shopping, getting hair done, at the doctor’s office, at work, etc, share Avon with three new people. You can either share Avon products, the Avon opportunity or both. For example, while you’re checking out at a grocery store, offer the Avon brochure or opportunity to the cashier. You’ll be surprised by how many people are looking for an Avon representative. You have to speak to her anyway so why not offer? Whew! The hard part is over. Someone has accepted your brochure, but what’s the next step? Collect his/her contact information — but why??? To follow up.
  3. Follow-up – the cashier loved that she met an Avon representative but you haven’t heard from her. Still, do not become discouraged. Many people have busy lives. Don’t assume because she hasn’t called that she isn’t interested in buying. She may have misplaced the brochure, forgot the order due date or simply waiting to see if you’re serious about your Avon business. People can be such skeptics :). Give a quick call, text or e-mail with an order reminder. Try to do this two or three days before your order goes in but in the meantime, continue to get your store in front of more people by practicing the Power of 3, ordering more brochures, engaging in social media or all of the above.
  4. Order plenty of brochures – your brochures are your store. Unlike many other direct sales companies, Avon does not require that you purchase any inventory. How do you get the word out there? Your brochures! Each time you place your brochure in someone’s hand, you are gaining a potential customer or recruit. Try to increase the amount of brochures ordered by ten (10) each campaign.
  5. Social media – as Avon representatives, you can sell and recruit anywhere in the United States. Do not limit yourself to your neighborhood. Reach out to old colleagues, family members and others that may have moved using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Most likely, you’re on some form of social media everyday. Use that time to grow your business by sharing your online store.

What is the cost of brochures?

Pack #Brochures Cost Each Total
1 10 Brochures $0.649 $6.49
2 20 Brochures $0.445 $8.89
3 30 Brochures $0.380 $11.39
4 40 Brochures $0.342 $13.69
5 50 Brochures $0.302 $15.09
6 60 Brochures $0.268 $16.09
7 70 Brochures $0.248 $17.39
8 80 Brochures $0.235 $18.79
9 90 Brochures $0.223 $20.09
10 100 Brochures $0.215 $21.49
11+ $21.49 for the first 10 packs plus $1.69 for each additional pack

What is the typical return on investment?

There are many factors in play here. The average customer order is $25; however, this depends on your customer base. This also depends on if you buy any items for yourself or choose to reinvest in your business by purchasing demo items and samples or if you give away personal discounts.


You order five (5) packs of brochures (50) at cost of $15.09.

With those 50 brochures, you were able to sell to 20 customers.

Total revenue: 20 customers * $25= $500

Your earnings: $500 at 40% profit= $200

Earnings – Expense (brochures/business tools) = Total Profit

$200 – $15.09= $184.91

Use example of ordering 100 brochures:

Expense: 100 brochures at $21.49

Sold to 45 customers = 45 * $25 = $1,125

Your earnings: $1,125 at 45% earnings = $506.25

Earnings – Expense = Total Profit

$506.25 – $21.49 = $484.76

So now ask yourself: was the additional $6.40 investment (difference between 50 brochures and 100) worth a potential $300 increase in earnings?

What if you purchase too many brochures and can’t get them all out in time?

The great news is Avon brochures are like Walgreens sales ads. Unless the company announces, the products will be the same in each brochure (i.e.: discontinued, new formula, etc). The only thing that may change is the sales price. Unlike Walgreens, Walmart, Best Buy or any other sales ad, the prices are effective for 6 weeks (current campaign and 2 future campaigns). Even if the brochure has expired, simply inform customers that it’s older but you’ll see what price you’re able to find for it.

What if you can’t afford to purchase many brochures?

That’s fine. Try to promote your online store as much as possible and purchase how many brochures you can afford. When you hand someone a brochure, make sure to tell them that you’ll need it back within 2-3 days as you’re just launching your Avon business.

Will that make you look unprofessional?

Absolutely not! Most people are used to working with Avon ladies and they’ll even try to accommodate you as they know it is work getting started. Everyone had to start somewhere.

How will you gain customers if you’re taking back the brochures?

By giving potential customers a deadline, it creates a sense of urgency so they don’t just sit the book down and forget it or even worse, they throw it away! Unfortunately, many people believe the book is no good after a few days or the order due date has passed. By collecting the book, you’re actually getting your money’s worth by increasing the number of people to see it which then in turn, enables more people to purchase from it.

Remember: in order to be successful, you have to get yourself out there. Have fun with it! If you meet a new person, share the brochure and gain a new friend.

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