Facebook Live Video is So Overrated!

What’s the next big wave for growing your online brand? Facebook Live Video is so overrated! Let’s talk about what the future of social media will be.

Facebook Live Video is So Overrated!

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The key to successful social media marketing is not only staying abreast and adapting to technical changes or advancements but it’s also finding your voice and strengthening it. I personally HATE Live Facebook videos for so many reasons! Do I feel they can help some people? Yes but they are not for everyone — I happen to be part of the rising number.

Here’s why I hate Facebook Live Video:

  1. Time-consuming – I can’t fast-forward to the meat
  2. Pushed down our throats – I literally have multiple friends all going live at once, I’d have to try to figure out who’s really talking about something and not just pushing their business
  3. Can’t multitask – no I won’t be pressing a 1, 2, 3 or whatever else you instruct me to do because I probably won’t even be holding my phone
  4. Too salesy – Facebook has now even included a way to mark the video as spam WHILE it’s occurring so obviously many others have a problem with this as well

At the time of this audio, I didn’t realize Gary Vaynerchuk had made a blog months ago about the same thing. I was in the process of uploading the audio to this blog and saw he made a Facebook post today addressing the same thing. If you’d like to check out his article, please read The Rise of Audio & Voice.

Gary explains it from a numbers perspective and I’m explaining it from more of a psychological/consumer standpoint.

I think it’s the perfect example of “if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.” LOL lame humor, I know — we’re all allowed to have our moment.

Alternatives to Facebook Live Video:

  1. Facebook Live Audio – let’s users know they don’t have to give undivided attention
  2. Blog
  3. Podcast
  4. Webinar
  5. Downloadable PDFs
  6. Conference Call
  7. Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat stories — usually shorter in length so you get to the point and get audience engaged
  8. YouTube

Anyway, I’m curious, what’s your color code? Take the test here and share  your results with me!


Social Media Tip: let the world see YOU.

Social media tip: let the world see YOU.
Not just metaphorically speaking but literally!
People buy from people they know, like and trust.
If you are trying to build a business online, you must give them those three factors.
Hiding behind cute cat photos, quotes, etc is not giving people the option to do that!
When people think of your brand, they think of your face!
They associate your brand with you.
You are your brand.
Show the world YOU.
I can’t begin to tell you how many friend requests I’ve declined lately because the profile pic was a picture of something other than the person.
I’m not going to scroll through all of your photos just to see what you look like.
I’m not going to send a private message asking for a picture or purpose of contact.
I’m not going to add everyone who sends a request either.
I need to know that I can connect with YOU.
How much business are you losing just because of your profile picture?
Think of the sales people at the mall.
Who would you speak to — person hiding their face or the one who gives you a friendly ‘hello’?
Bonus tip: yes, this includes company logos.
1) No one wants to feel sold —- your profile says you mean just that
2) More than likely, your posts are all surrounding business
People connect with people, not companies. Get a fan page, create original content and pay for it (if need be).