Avon Advanced Leadership Earnings Chart Revised

Major changes to Avon’s Advanced Leadership Program Earnings Chart! With a minimum $500 bonus for promoting to the next leadership level and up to $20,000 for continuing to grow, you can’t lose! Check out how much Avon sales leaders can make with their home-based business!

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Awesome news! Beginning in Campaign 4 2017, there will be some revisions to the Advanced Leadership Program and guess what?!?! The changes are actually going to put more money into Avon sales representatives and leaders’ pockets.
Changes (differences between new earnings chart and most recent version):
– Slight renaming of title by the introduction of the “bronze” level for each leadership group
– Introduction of Qualified Recruit Bonus
– New Sponsoring Bonus
– New Promotion Bonus
– New Mentor Bonus
The minimum promotion bonus is $500 and as much as $20,000 for advancing! As you continue to help your team grow, you can earn a mentor bonus of anywhere from $250-10,000 while they’re earning the promotion bonuses as well! How awesome is that? Don’t ever let anyone say “leaders make money off of you.” Leaders make money WITH you.

So if you’re looking to make some REAL money with your Avon business, generating a check bi-monthly, let’s make this happen!

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Avon Advanced Leadership Program Earnings Chart Revised Campaign 4 2017



Avon Advanced Leadership Earnings Chart *just replaced by version above*

Avon All Abroad with Onboarding Incentive for Sales Leaders

Avon is full of incentives right now and now is the time to jump in if you haven’t already. In addition to Avon’s Rise Up incentive and Avon’s KickStart Program, Avon is also introducing the All Abroad with Onboarding Incentive for sales leaders. This incentive replaces the Journey to Gold which ended in Campaign 19, 2016.

Under the Journey to Gold, sales leaders earned up to $65 per new team member. With the All Aboard with Onboarding Incentive, sales leaders can earn up to $355! As you see, the money keeps rolling in. If you’re interested in building a small team, now is the time to join. It’s quite simple. If you are already an Avon representative, you simply share your reference code with friends/family/co-workers and they’ll be assigned to your team. You mentor them by showing them everything you’ve learned. Your new team member will participate in the KickStart Program (earning at least $1,000) and you’ll earn $355 for helping them. It’s a win-win situation.

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Note: the All Abroad with Onboarding incentive will run from Campaign 22, 2016 (TS 24) to Campaign 2, 2017 (TS 4).

Avon All Abroad with Onboarding Incentive
All Aboard with Onboarding Guide

To become an Avon representative, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to www.startavon.com
  2. Use reference code: chicagosnatalie
  3. Select your desired starter kit
  4. You’ll receive your new Avon account information and can begin working your business immediately.