5 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry

A lot of dieters think “less is more” when it comes to losing weight.

They think they need to eat less when usually they’re not eating ENOUGH of the foods that will help them stay full 👀

Losing weight really does not require you to starve yourself, be miserable or constantly think about food all the time (another sign you may actually be hungry).

Instead, if you’re always hungry, make sure you are getting plenty of:

  1. lean protein 🥩🫘 – it takes your body a longer time to break down protein so it will help you stay full longer.
  2. fiber 🥦 – slows down digestion and gastric tract emptying so food stays in the stomach longer.
  3. volume 🍛– takes longer for stomach to empty and also signals to the brain you’re full.
  4. healthy fats 🥑 – though fats do not GET you full, they help you stay full. You don’t need a lot but adding some to your diet (if you’ve completely removed them) will help you stay full longer and even help your body absorb certain vitamins.
  5. sleep 💤 – balances hunger/fullness hormones. Sometimes we think we’re hungry when it’s really our bodies saying we need to rest and rejuvenate. The body may be calling for you to eat because it needs energy —-which should be replenished through rest not food. Aim to get about 7-9 hours of sleep per day.

Bonus tip :

You want to make sure that you are eating regularly as in on a schedule or at least multiple times per day.

Though some people thrive when eating just one meal a day (OMAD), the vast majority of us need to eat more often.

Eating more often can help maintain your blood sugar levels so you do not have that typical crash and burn experience 🤒

Eating more regularly can also help prevent you from being full to feeling extremely hungry and just wanting to eat anything in sight as soon as you see something edible.

Sometimes, as dieters, we think “what’s wrong with me” because we want to eat more than once a day or we have this idea that eating only 1-2x SHOULD be enough for us and if we want to eat more often than that, then we are being greedy.

That is NOT the case 🙅🏽‍♀️

Your body is constantly expending/using energy.

Breathing requires energy 😮‍💨.

Getting out of the bed requires energy 🛌 .

Helping your children with their homework requires energy 📚.

EVERYTHING you do and even those small little actions that you don’t pay attention to require energy❗️

It is completely NORMAL for your body to ask for more energy to help you complete those tasks and also to help you stay focused.

Do NOT beat yourself up for requiring more energy —— it’s often counterproductive. We think we should “eat less” and then as a result of ignoring our bodies, our bodies hop into overdrive the next time we get food — causing us to eat too fast and oftentimes, ignore the cue that we’re full so we end up OVEREATING 🤯 yep, it can produce the exact OPPOSITE effect of what you want 😤

Instead, aim to eat more regularly, more frequently and more nutrient-dense meals (containing protein, fiber, good healthy fats and volume).

Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest.

Listen to and honor your body!

And just in case you were wondering…yes, you can TOTALLY eat more to weigh less.

Weight loss does not require you to be miserable and starve yourself.

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