The Power of Sisterhood

It doesn’t happen often but every now and then I have a customer that would like to add on to his/her existing order. One of my long-time customers called and said she needed to add Avon Skin So Soft Gelled Body Oil. Unfortunately, at this time, I had already placed my order and Avon customer service said that it wouldn’t arrive before I left town on Monday for Montego Bay.

Oh no! I began to panic as I really didn’t want to let her down. I’ll be out of town for a week and visiting Houston, TX next week. She and her mother have supported me since I began selling Avon. The last thing I wanted to do was come off as unreliable. I texted my District Sales Manager on Sunday morning. She didn’t have any but referred me to another representative in the area that had a few on hand. The other Avon Lady and I arranged to meet at 2 p.m.

The meeting went completely different than I expected. I met her at her home and we talked for almost 3 hours! She’s truly one of the best ladies in the world! We talked about the Avon Opportunity, our selling Avon experience, went over a few sales strategies and then life anywhere from children to dreams. It was truly refreshing.  I thought that it would be a quick transaction and I’m so glad I was wrong! I learned more from an experienced representative who not only sold Avon, but ran a Licensed Avon Beauty Center for a short time. She told me about valuable lessons learned as a store operator and also how she built and motivated her team to grow. Trust me, it wasn’t all peachy but she was able to learn, grow and guide others with her experience. I thought about my experience and we had so much in common. Either I had experienced the same thing or I was in the middle of the experience. I thank her so much for sharing freely.

Once on the plane, I sat back in my airplane seat and I realized — it was everything I hoped for when joining Avon. I looked for an opportunity that would allow me to meet other supportive women while having fun and of course, making money. I never anticipated this much support and sense of togetherness. I couldn’t have asked for a better District Sales Manager and fellow Avon representatives. I sell Avon mainly online. I didn’t know this supportive community existed before until now. It’s nice knowing that you have others around to support you and not just support but to converse about all things Avon — I’ve managed to talk my husband’s ears off! I fear if I say one more Avon, he’s going to just cut them off but I can’t help it. It’s been so long since I’ve felt professional excitement and as sense of empowerment. I truly feel as though I’m helping someone and love the good folks around me, not to mention the awesome products.

As the lady next to me rubbed lotion off my belly (that accidently squirted on me), I sat back in complete astonishment: 1) a stranger was rubbing my belly and 2) having other sales representatives near you does not necessarily mean the market is “saturated” or that they’re competition for that matter. Yes, I’ve heard for some time now that everyone knows an Avon Lady but not every Avon lady knows the same people.

We’re taught to first inform friends, family and coworkers about our new business and then expand. If you “bump” into someone, don’t become discouraged. You’ve found a long lost sister or brother. It doesn’t matter age, race or even gender for that matter, we all have the same goal. And if for any reason that you feel the “saturation”, change your fish bowl. You are not confined to one area. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Have fun! Just get out there!

I’m so happy that I made the decision to rejoin Avon. Its provided me the perfect opportunity to expand my network, learn from as well as educate others, give myself a purpose and connect with those I would’ve never imagined. I’ve gained new friends of all ages, sizes and it’s truly beautiful. I knew that I’d meet new people, but I never imagined this.

Avon ladies are truly a different breed. I have yet to meet one that was unhelpful. Regardless if in-person, over the phone or even via internet, they’ve all helped so willingly. I can’t thank these beautiful women and men enough. I truly feel a sense of sisterhood and what’s even more amazing is it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with Avon. They all welcome with open arms.

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