Avon Sponsored Trip to New York!

I’m finally back from New York and I must say that I am truly in love with Avon! I’ve never been to New York and for those of you following along, I’ve only been with Avon for about 8 months. I joined late last year around the holidays and began to focus on building my business in January.

Since January, I’ve recruited over 180 new Avon representatives in 32 different states and have personally sold almost $10K while working a full-time job. Yes! It can certainly be done! I’ve given myself 5 promotions in Avon’s Advanced Leadership Program: promoter, star promoter (officially skipped this level), ambassador, silver ambassador (skipped this one too), gold ambassador and I am now LEADER. This means that my team is responsible for generating at least $16K in sales each month AND that I’ve mentored another representative to develop his/her own team and they’re selling about $4K per month. Currently, I am mentoring 7 new leadership representatives.

Of course, I’ve received great monetary rewards; however, one thing I wasn’t prepared for was recognition. If you missed the announcement, check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZFxbRpKOFI.  I literally cried when I saw and heard my name on the screen. I couldn’t believe it. They hadn’t announced that they were going to mention me and I popped in on the call just to learn more about recent changes. Within seconds of joining, I saw the announcement and caught the replay so I could record and share with everyone. This is definitely one of my proudest moments.

Not long ago, Avon reached out to me and a few other more well-known and experienced representatives to work on a special project. Details have yet to be released but let’s just say that it is to improve all of our experiences. In my corporate experience, I’ve played part of special projects but I must say this experience was truly different —truly genuine. It wasn’t the “let’s ask her just so she thinks we’re listening” type of thing or asking for suggestions only to shut them down due to budget. I can honestly tell that they care.

I got to meet Betty Palm, President Social Selling; Donna Miles, Head of US Sales Leadership; Tammy Jernigan, US Sales Training Manager; Radhika Ray, Vice President of Cerberus; and a host of others. They are truly the big wigs of Avon! And here I was meeting them without even knowing who they were and their levels of awesomeness. They striped all titles and I saw them as the genuine, caring and even nurturing humans they are. You could easily tell that they are truly invested in us — in me. How is it possible that they can invest so much in a person they barely even know?

It was truly remarkable. After meetings, we went out to dinner at Tuscano and then dessert at Serendipity 3. I hate that I didn’t take a picture. The food was delicious! After the meetings were all done, I set out to discover town with another representative they’d invited. In just 1 short day, we became friends instantly and I’ve even spoken to her since being back home.

In my New York experience, I got to play part of important business decisions, learned from the other representatives to better myself and formed instant friendships. I can’t thank Avon enough! Check out the pics below!

If you’re interested in joining me, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to http://www.startavon.com
  2. Use reference code chicagosnatalie
  3. That’s it! You’re on your way! You’ll receive your new account number and can begin working your new business immediately. I’ll also reach out to make sure you’re getting started on the right path.