Building Your Business with Attraction Marketing

Looking for information on how to grow your Avon business online? Check out these quick tips on attraction marketing .

Building a business online takes time. In order to be successful, you have to be consistent, build trust and most importantly be patient. Attraction marketing is a great way to speed up the process and grow followers. How nice would it be if people actually came to YOU? Have you conducted a social media makeover?

If not, what are you waiting on?

Check out the tips on building your business:

  1. Eliminate negativity – avoid bashing or constantly posting drama
  2. Be authentic -people buy into the person not the product
  3. Grow your network – it’s network marketing; your success depends on your network

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Avon Reps: What to Do with Free Stuff

Learn how you can make more money with your Avon business and how to grow your business online.

Have you been paying attention to the direct delivery incentives? If not, why aren’t you? You are missing out on the opportunity to get free stuff! For example, if you have $100 in direct delivery orders from December 17-24, 2016, you’ll receive a FREE full-sized bottle of Little Red Dress Eau de Parfum (being released in Campaign 3, 2017). This could be a great way for you to save money instead of buying it from the What’s New or the brochure. You save at least $15!

Avon Little Red Dress

I have received so many free items from my online sales such as Wintersoft bundle, Prima and I’ll even receive Little Red Dress as I already have over $100 in online sales! Look out for the Direct Delivery e-mails from Avon and even the e-mails I send so you’ll know what’s coming. Not part of Avon yet? Click here to join Avon today.

Let’s get started!

How to get online sales — online marketing of course but there’s other ways to generate online sales:

  • Ask your current face-to-face customers to shop via your online e-store. Tell them how they can save 20% on their order by just ordering online or how they’ll receive free stuff too!
  • Place the orders for them; especially if they do not have computer or elderly. Be sure to collect their money upfront. Their orders will be delivered directly to their doors. How convenient!
  • Host an online party. Facebook seems to be the more convenient solution.
  • Always include your online store web address on all of your marketing materials: brochures, business cards, e-mail signature etc.

Another idea: look at the daily promotional e-mails. If you have an order that you need to place, place it through your online store and use the promo code to get the free items. For example, there was a code to receive a FREE Avon Senses Frosted Winterberry set with an order of X amount. I had some orders that I received off ordering schedule that met the minimum required amount AND one of my customers wanted the Frosted Winterberry set anyway!

Another way to get free stuff: attend your local sales meetings (if available). Contact your local district sales manager (I include his or her name in your welcome e-mail). Usually at the sales meetings, DSMs give newbies or newcomers a small “token” of appreciation. If not, still take the opportunity to visit to learn more about the products and experience them first hand so you can tell your customers about them without having to purchase them.

Now what to do with this free stuff:

  1. Personal use – if you’ve always wanted it, PERFECT! Save yourself the money and wear/use it BUT also let customers see/experience it to help build future sales.
  2. Product Giveaway/Sweepstakes – check local laws for sweepstakes. Use the item as an incentive in exchange for their contact information. Once you gain their contact information, you can either service them through delivering brochures or enroll in your online marketing via your WEB OFFICE on Turn them into potential customers!
  3. Demo – carry it around and let potential customers sample it. This will build future sales.
  4. Sell it – either full price or discount and earn either 100% profit or whatever earnings of your choice for instant sales.
  5. Gift it – this can either be an indiscreet way to inform someone of your new Avon business or a way to get someone to change their mind about Avon — especially those naysayers 🙂
  6. Pay helpers – this is a very kind gesture to show gratitude for anyone who is helping growing your business. It shows them you care and will even entice them to help you find more customers so they can receive more gifts. It’s a win-win situation.

So hurry! There’s still time to get a free bottle of Little Red Dress! Get those online sales rolling!

Attention Avon customers: this is also a great time for you to try the new perfume with this awesome offer. As of December 20, 2016 (Campaign 1), Little Red Dress is available exclusively online.

Click here to get your bottle of Little Red Dress Eau de Parfum with free sull-size shower lotion and body lotion. This special offer will end soon.


Avon Setting Goals to Be Successful

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When you treat Avon like a hobby, you get paid like a hobby. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, you must develop goals and a plan to accomplish those goals.

Steps to being successful Avon representative:

1. Get a separate bank account (if you haven’t already)

2. Set goals
– Start with the big scary goal
– Create smaller goals that help to accomplish the big scary goal
– Keep your goals visible

3. Develop a plan to accomplish those goals – think: what do you need to do to get it done?

4. Celebrate. Yes! What’s the point of working hard if you’re not able to celebrate it?!?!?

Remember: have a support system. As your team, we will be here to support you so don’t be afraid to share with us. Tell your friends/family about your goals. Not only will this help in developing a support system, but it also may help create new customers 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Avon Internet Marketing Tips – Sharing Posts

Just recently, I spoke to my District Sales Manager and she mentioned that a lot of representatives are struggling with building their online business. They’ve posted many times on multiple social media accounts and have no results. After speaking with her, I learned that many representatives are simply “sharing” others’ posts. Thus, redirecting traffic back to the original poster when they should be creating their own content. Even if the author allows you to share, find a way to save it then post it so your name is attached. Anything else is you’re just giving the author free publicity. Always give credit where it’s due but remember, when it comes to selling Avon, you want people to think of you. Now this isn’t to say that changing one simple thing will skyrocket your business overnight, but it is a step in the right direction. With online business, it takes some time to build brand recognition and build trust with consumers. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!