New Avon Fragrance: Far Away Infinity

New product alert! In 2016, Avon has introduced quite a few new women’s fragrances: Ultra Sexy Heart, Little Black Dress (revamped), Ultra Sexy Lace (reintroduced), Luck la Vie and now — Far Away Infinity which will be added to it’s collection with Far Away and Far Away Gold.

As a special introductory price, Avon has priced this wonderful fragrance at $16.00; however, you must get it now as the price will soon be $23.00.

Escape to a world of infinite possibilities with this long-lasting floral infusion of luminous marigold and Indian jasmine sambac veiled in sensual vanilla. A captivating oriental/floral scent encapsulated in a standout fragrance bottle that will add a pop of color to your vanity.

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Luminous Marigold, Lacquered Gardenia
Middle Notes: Indian Jasmine Sambac, Moroccan Orange Flower ABS, Jasmine Absolute
Bottom Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Vanilla Infusion, Velvet Sandalwood

To get your Far Away Infinity, purchase online at To receive a free sample, complete the following contact form:


Avon Campaign 18 2016 – Avon Brochure

Avon Brochure – Avon Campaign 18 2016 available online from 8/5/16 – 8/19/2016. Campaign 18 is here and LOOK!!! AVON’S REDESIGNED IT’S POPULAR SKIN SO SOFT LINE!!! The fragrance Signature Silk is now known as Radiant Moisture but the other names remain the same. This campaign has so much to offer: introduction of the Supreme Nourishment Triple Phase Body Oil, Far Away Infinity, and Musk+. Don’t miss out on these awesome deals! Click here to begin shopping.

Avon Little Black Dress Review


Avon Little Black Dress

First, let me start off by saying, I’ve had Avon’s Little Black Dress for at least two months now. For die-hard Avon fans, many are familiar with this fragrance; however, Avon discontinued it a few years ago, decided to slightly modify the formula and re-introduced it around Mother’s Day in Campaign 9 2016. I never had the chance to try the original Little Black Dress so I’ll only give my review on the 2016 version of Little Black Dress.

As Avon describes it, it’s oriental floral with the following description:

A modern classic of sparkling Italian lemon oil and elegant jasmine essence embellished with luxurious sandalwood. The finishing touch that’s perfect for every occasion. 

I know I’m not a professional but I can definitely get the hint of Italian blend and jasmine 🙂

First Impression:

As stated before, I purchased the fragrance about two months ago. Occasionally, I’d only wear it while making deliveries to customers or while showcasing it to potential customers; however, to be completely honest, I probably only wore it a handful of times. Disclaimer: I have lots of fragrances so I rotate frequently. BUT even with that disclaimer, I wasn’t in love with the fragrance. It didn’t stink and I apologize for the lack of better words but it was just OK to me. It was nice but it didn’t seem like an absolute must-have. With that being said, I’m a fruity type of gal stuck in her ways. Like the little resistant bug I tend to be, I put it up in the storage never to see the light of day again unless I ran out of other fragrances.

Second Impression:

Being that it’s officially summer, I wanted to try something different. I didn’t want the over-the-top fruity fragrance most associate with summer (myself included). Maybe I’m getting older, I don’t know how I could’ve aged so much in two months but I was looking for something different — something that was crisp, clean yet soft and described me — sexy :). Nothing came to mind but “Little Black Dress” so I decided to give it another shot. A true shot if you will. I put it on last Monday and my senses became engulfed by this wonderful aroma of life.

It’s actually perfect for the summer time! I don’t know what I was thinking originally. It’s not too strong, not too soft, yet sexy, sophisticated, classy —chic. It’s a very light fragrance. Even when first applied, it’s not overpowering and once the fragrance dies down, it almost smells like fresh laundry but with an slightly oriental/floral twist. I don’t have to worry about attracting too many mosquitoes due to the fragrance being overly sweet and also don’t have to worry about the whole “is she trying to mask her summer B.O?” I smell CLEAN and classy. It’s as if I’ve stepped out a super luxurious shower/bath and fallen into a bed of softly scented flower petals — jasmine petals. Just today, I applied it at 5 a.m. and it’s still here 7 hours later. I actually can’t stop smelling my wrist.

I’m also not a fan of overly floral scents. To me, they smell like a funeral home or floral shop located conveniently on the side of a funeral home. Little Black Dress is just perfect. There’s no other word to describe it! It’s perfect for the young woman that’s looking to discover and embrace her femininity and sums up the more experienced, confident woman that already knew it was there.

Avon Little Black Dress

Since becoming more acquainted with the Little Black Dress, I’ve actually worn the perfume everyday. As you can see in the picture, it’s almost halfway full. This is why I’ve decided to share this awesome perfume with you now. wouldn’t endorse anything I personally didn’t like or love. The bottle alone costs $25 but Avon has a special offer:


A $45 value, the collection includes:
• Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Spray – 1.7 fl. oz. a $25 value
• Little Black Dress Shower Gel – 6.7 fl. oz. a $10 value
• Little Black Dress Body Lotion – 6.7 fl. oz. a $10 value
The Little Black Dress Collection for only $25. To receive 10% off, sign up here for your discount code.


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Avon Campaign 16 2016 – Avon Brochure

Avon Brochure – Avon Campaign 16 2016 available online from 7/8/16-7/22/16. Campaign 16 is here and it’s filled with awesome deals! Who doesn’t love a good sale?!?! Just in time for the summer. Introducing our new Pineapple Chill Footworks collection, Musk+ fragrance collection for men, and back to school items for kids! Don’t miss out on these awesome deals! Click here to begin shopping.