Social Media Marketing Tips

Looking to build your personal brand/business online by becoming a social media influencer? Check out these tips!

Developing a strong social media presence is critical for any small business owner, home-based business owner or entrepreneur but especially if you want to be a social media influencer. First of all, social media should not be your only strategy; therefore, it should be used in conjunction with your current marketing strategies. you want to make sure you have a great presence to attract your target audience to you. Less chasing! Imagine how great it would be if people actually came to YOU for your product or service.

The key difference between social media marketing and social selling is who’s doing the marketing. Both share the same goals of increasing brand awareness and thus driving sales; however, social media marketing is usually conducted by a marketing team and the message is usually broad —- talking to multiple audiences at once.

With social selling, it removes the “company image” and brings the business owner closer to the consumer. This has been proven to be more high effective than social media marketing as people feel more connected with people. Social selling enables and even encourages potential customers/clients to reach out to the business owner for help because she has established herself as a trusted authority.

Learn tips to help you stand out as a trusted authority and build a following of people who know, like and trust you.

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