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Welcome to The Boss Lab

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Female entrepreneurs: welcome to the Boss Lab! This podcast was dedicated just to female entrepreneurs, small business owners or even aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to develop a personal brand online, learn more social media and social selling tips or even tune in just for motivation.

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to communicate with others about our dreams because let’s face it, entrepreneurship is NOT an easy feat! Most people do not want to join the beautiful world of becoming a BOSS.

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The Boss Lab Episodes

Fourth: Not Yet!

A lesson learned from my 6-year old niece. So often we set ourselves up with unrealistic expectations of reality. When some asks if we’ve accomplished something, don’t beat yourself up by saying no, start uplifting yourself by saying “Not Yet.”

Third: You Can’t Be Epic with a Basic Attitude!

Forget the saying you normally hear, let’s talk about some self-sabotaging actions and beliefs that you probably don’t even notice you’re doing!

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Second: It’s Not You! They ARE the Problem!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself. If anyone has a problem with that, they are the problem.

First: Welcome to The Boss Lab

Welcome to The Boss Lab!

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