Best Makeup Setting Spray Ever

Oh the hassle of not only applying your makeup but getting it to last all day! Hopefully, I’m not alone when I say this but I don’t care for the constant reapplying or touch up of makeup. I just recently figured out what it means to powder your nose. Don’t judge. Many of you know that I don’t have much time to get ready in the morning or apply makeup. When I do, I want it to last. Most makeup gurus post how to make their makeup last all day and usually it’s because of a setting spray. Naturally, I went looking online — studying makeup tutorials and searching Facebook groups. I saw a lot about Giorgio Armani Prima Refreshing Makeup Fix for $70 at Nordstorm, Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray for $31.00 at Sephora and L’oreal Infalliable Makeup Extender Setting Spray which retails for $16.99 at Ulta.

So what’s a girl to do if she just simply wants to wear makeup all day without breaking the bank or going through hell and high water to find a setting spray? I decided to give Avon’s True Color Makeup Setting Spray a try. Catch out the review below.


Avon True Color Makeup Spray (freshly applied)

Avon True Color Makeup Setting Spray (after 11 hours + gym)

Avon True Color Makeup Setting Spray

Lip Gloss Haul and Swatch

Avon Lip Gloss Haul and Swatch – check out the new colors and formulas such as True Color Technology. I’ll be testing the True Color Nourishing Lipstick, Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss, Gloss Tube Lip Gloss and mark. Glow Back Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss.

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