How to Get Rid of Fleas Using Bath Oil

Hey Beauties!

I want you all to meet my one and only baby — Smoke! He’s about 15 months old now and look at the difference!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this…

Everyone knows I’m crazy about Smoke (just look at my personal Facebook).

Yes, he’s responding LOL







When I got him, he was in a house with 17 dogs. My husband didn’t even know I was getting a dog. We said we’d discuss it. Then he said no…. and well, we know how the rest of it goes (I do not suggest this at home) 🤣🤣🤣

Because I kinda made the decision on my own, I couldn’t tell him this… He still doesn’t even know. My best friend and I went to check Smoke out.

He was about 7 weeks old. They told us he couldn’t touch the ground because Parvo was high in the area.

That should have been my red flag.

I picked him up and literally fell in love with him. Took him to Petco and spent about $200 because well, he needed it.

My husband came home when I had just parked the car in the garage.

He was so surprised to see Smoke.

I say surprised, he might say pissed. But hey, my story. I’ll tell it how I want it.

I brought Smoke in the house and realized he had fleas!

I guess I should’ve expected it with 17 dogs, right?

Now, of course, I couldn’t tell my husband. He didn’t even want a dog!

I hopped on my phone and looked for a flea treatment. Checked to see what was available at Petco. It was about 8:40 p.m. but I figured I’d push it 100 mph if I needed to get to the store in time before they closed. Learned something new: he was too young for most flea treatments! Apparently, puppies have to be a certain age/weight before they’re able to take most treatments. 


I was so disappointed this wouldn’t be a “quick fix” so I headed down to the basement and figured I’d just give it a shot and hope for the best. I purchased a puppy shampoo while at Petco earlier so I decided to use it.

Fleas were in my hand 🤢🤢🤢

I was about to give him back. Like no, seriously… I did not sign up for this but then he was in my hands… so small… so cute… I could pick him up like a little baby.

What Did I Do to Get Rid of Fleas:

Somehow, through my nausea, I remembered that I had Skin So Soft Bath Oil. I actually keep this in the house. We had ants and spiders when we first moved in to our new home and I actually used it to create barrier for the cracks in the basement.

For my beauty uses: I put a few drops in my bath water and if my skin is still dry (winter usually), I apply a little after my bath. I also use it to remove my stubborn makeup such as eyeliner and mascara. 
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*SSS bath oil is approved by the FDA/CDA only as a bath oil. Avon does not endorse its use for anything other than a bath oil.

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil

After the shower, I rubbed Smoke down with the oil. More fleas fell off 🤢🤢🤢 It’s like they wouldn’t stop coming! I guess I should’ve been happy but just seeing them 🤢🤢🤢

Most home remedies call for 1 part bath oil to 5 parts water. I figured my hand measuremenwas about right seeing as though he was drenched in water and my skin was absorbing some of the oil (lazy girl method). To be safe, if you are going to try this, be sure to use the 1:5 ratio. My own laziness concerns me at times LOL

He scratched a little after the shower but nothing major. The next day or two, I watched him carefully. Nothing. I believe the initial itching was due to irritation from the actual bites or his skin being dry. 

Finally, I take him to get his shots. The vet literally put her nose in his coat and said he smelled so good so she wanted to know what I used. Literally, she couldn’t stop sniffing him! I’ve never seen someone — especially a stranger put their actual nose on someone else’s dog and just leave it there!

It’s been over fourteen months since our flea dilemma and Smoke has YET to get a flea treatment.

Using the same stuff I use on my body and his coat is shiny, he smells good and flea free.

How I Prevent Fleas and Mosquitoes:

Prevention: each month, I give Smoke a bath using Burt’s Bees for Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo. While still wet, I spray him down with the bath oil spray — not to drench him in the oil but just a very light, even coating of the oil (think when you spritz your hair). Using either a grooming brush or hand glove, I brush him down to remove loose hair to help with shedding and work the oil down to his skin. I notice that his skin is nice and moisturized. He doesn’t scratch/itch often. Note: I let him air dry and while doing so, he licks himself either to dry off the moisture or it smells/tastes good to him — not really sure but he hasn’t gotten sick from licking at himself.

Mosquitoes: honestly, I had no idea that mosquitoes had it out for dogs until this summer! Smoke came in covered in mosquito bites and itching like crazy! He really doesn’t like being out in the sun but he’s not allowed to potty in the house so he has to go out. Right before, we head out, I spray him down evenly on his dry coat and then head out. Not a single bite since I’ve started doing this so I’m sure I’ll keep it up for next year. Note: I’ve also used the Skin So Soft Bug Guard Expedition (doesn’t need to be washed off) and that worked just as well for him. I do not apply it directly to his skin like the Skin So Soft Bath Oil but a few inches away and it is just as effective.

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil Spray; how to get rid of fleas
Skin So Soft Bath Oil Spray

Skin So Soft Bug Guard Expedition

Every home should have one or both of 
these Skin So Soft products in
the ORIGINAL formula. 

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Here are a few more practical uses for Skin So Soft Bath Oil

  • It’s a bath oil and after shower moisturizer.
  • It can be used to remove makeup.
  • Rub on dry, cracked skin…. helps heal skin in 2-3 days.
  • Great massage oil for tired muscles.
  • Cleans off tape marks left from bandages on skin.
  • Cleans ink off the skin.
  • It kills ants instantly.
  • Spray on skin to relieve dry itching skin.
  • Helps skin retain its elasticity.
  • Cleans oil and grease off of skin.
  • Painting something? Use SSS to remove paint from the hands. (Instead of turpentine).
  • Removes crayon from appliances and most painted surfaces.
  • Excellent at removing lipstick stains from furniture, clothing, etc.
  • It is a great furniture polish!
  • Removes crayon from most surfaces.
  • It removes lime and hard water deposits from fixtures, tile, shower doors and windows.

This is why it’s “America’s Favorite!”   Browse the current brochure here.

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