Nothing Wrong With Some Color, Baby!

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Hey Beauties!

I placed an order online last week and either it was a blessing in a disguise or I was still in a holiday shopping daze, but somehow I ended up with two new eye liner pencils that I can’t recall ordering.

Of course, I had to share this with SOMEBODY!

New Colorful Pencil Eye Liners:

eye liner pencils

Bad Lighting in this Pic; Smoky Grey is accurate but Teal Sparkle is a little off

Pencil eye liner swatch:

eye liner pencil

Eye Liner Swatch

I feel so ashamed to say this but lately, I’ve really just been perfecting my face *** too lazy or always running late so I don’t have time for eyeshadow ***

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Of course, I love colors and feel as though they are an excellent way to express yourself and even your mood.

With that being said, I decided to add a pop of color in my waterline.

Note: personally, I prefer the teal/greenish blue as it’s more colorful and really shows up well on my skin; however, the grey is perfect if you were thinking of using a black liner and don’t want it to appear too harsh.

Look at the difference it made:

pencil eye liner

Natalie Butler

Because there was SOME color near my eyes, it actually made it look as though I was wearing a subtle neutral eye when in fact, I had only applied translucent powder on my lid to help absorb the excess oil. I’ve noticed by doing this, it really helps me get a more polished look — quite professional, I may say *insert laughing emoji here *

More info on the eye liner pencils:

There are three different retractable eye liner formulas:

  • The Smoky Grey belongs to the True Color Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner. The eye liners are available in four shades: Brown Chocolate (I use this to fill in my brows); Midnight Blue; Smoky Grey and Blackest Black.
  • The Teal Sparkle is from the True Color Glimmersticks Diamond Eye Liner collection. These eye liners have a sparkling finish and comes in the following shades: Twilight Sparkle; Black Ice; Smoky Diamond; Teal Sparkle; Brown Sugar and Sugar Plum.
  • Not shown in this review: True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner (not waterproof). It is available in seven different shades: Majestic Plum; Starry Night Blue; Emerald; Blackened Green; Saturn Grey; Blackest Black and Cosmic Brown. 

Verdict: now I can officially say that I have tried each formula (Original – Not Waterproof; Waterproof; and Diamonds). Each formula has “true color” in the name meaning the color you see online or in brochure is the color you get. Since switching to this new true color technology, I have not once been surprised by the color I’ve received. Also, each eye liner glides on effortlessly which is great for beginners, those of us with shaking hands and anyone who doesn’t constantly like pulling and tugging on their eyes. The color payoff is great, just look at the pigmentation. It’s freezing outside and I’m pretty sure my hands can use some TLC but the liners went on without any effort. And the price?!?!? Absolutely insane value! It’s currently on sale for $2.99 (reg. $7 — worth every penny) but usually, they have a great sale going on. Definite must-have in my book!

Interested in ordering the eye liner pencils? Register now to receive 10% off your order. You can store the code for later use or use immediately!

Avon True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner
True Color Glimmersticks Diamond Eye Liner

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