New Facebook Status Update Feature: Lists

New Facebook Feature: Lists

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How to Use New Lists Feature for Your Business and Personal Brand

Hello! Happy Friday!

So today, we have a little Facebook tip. It’s actually a new feature that they just rolled out. Personally, I noticed it last night (2/15/18). I think they rolled it out about two or three days ago. And of course, people are like “oh my goodness! Another way for Facebook to be intrusive.”

However, if you are using Facebook to build a business or a personal brand, I think that this could be genius! So the new feature is called Facebook List.

How to Find It

Now, this should not be confused with your friends list or even that list inside of your friends list. This is completely different.

So let’s talk about how to find it.

If you are creating a new post, it says “what’s on your mind” — click that box.

Note: Now one thing that I have noticed is that depending on the mobile device, you may not have it. However, it is on the web. If you are using a computer/tablet, you should be able to find it. They are rolling it out slowly. I noticed that I’ve been able to use or create a list on my personal profile as well as my fan page. But I have not been able to do so in a group so I don’t know if it’s going to roll out to groups or not.

If you do have access to this new feature, I highly suggest that you use it.

Click the “what’s on your mind” as if you were creating a new post. You should see the drop down like you’ve been seeing lately with options such as “how are you feeling/ activity/sticker” or if you want to go live or create a background color.

Scroll down and you’ll see list. Now that’s right below the new feature of tag event. We’ll cover that in another post.

Facebook Status Update Options

Where to Find Facebook Lists

New Facebook Feature “List” Explained

Once you click to create a list, it’s going to give you sample lists that you can use. The idea is to make things a little bit more personal and help your friends, family and new friends get to know you a little bit better. So some common examples that they use here are:

  • things most people don’t know about me
  • reasons I love my friends
  • friends who can always make me laugh
  • my biggest pet peeves
  • my plans for the weekend
  • what I love about my best friend
  • items I never leave home without
  • moments I wish I could relive
  • bucket list
  • places I want to travel

I believe there’s a long list.

You are looking at my screen shot so it will probably change over the course of time.

This is a great way for your friends and family to get to know you. Yes and it may seem a little bit intrusive; however, one of the complaints that I’ve heard about Facebook is the fact that it has become so antisocial — which is crazy for a social media platform, right?

But some people really don’t know who their friends are and a lot of it has to do with the common advertisements from businesses or people that have small home based businesses. It just seems like one ad after the next and there is really no connection there between friends.

This new tool —List— can help people get to know you better. Now if you’re thinking to yourself: “I am not about to open up and share my deepest, darkest secrets.” That is great! I am not advising that you do that!

Facebook Lists Options

Facebook Lists Examples

How to Use Facebook Lists for Your Business

When I first noticed this feature yesterday, it said “little things that make me smile.”

Now you know I love makeup and skincare. When I tested it out, the first thing that I put was all about makeup such as when I don’t stab myself applying eyeliner, when my eyebrows look more like sisters (all makeup humor). It’s about my personal brand —being in the cosmetics industry.

Here is how you can actually use it for your business:

If you look again, at the top of the Create List feature, you’ll see that it says “create a list with your own title.”

You can use this regardless of the industry that you are in.


  • If you are in event planning, you can make up a little list of things that you’ve noticed that can make an event more successful or things to look for when you are looking for an event planner.

  • If you are in real estate, you can start giving tips about how to pick the perfect home, how to make your home winter ready or how to prepare it for the summer.

  • If you are in skincare, you can give quick skincare tips.

I personally love this feature!

I included a personal example that I used and of course, it has a call-to-action to bring them back to my blog.

The list was about how to make your eye shadow pop.

The reason why I love this is because one way to stand out when you’re creating your personal brand is to create value.

Now the thing is with Facebook or any social media, people like quick reads.

Of course, sometimes when you give out value, it can get very lengthy but a short list or checklist is so much easier and quicker to read BUT it could also be very action-packed.

It can also open up the doors to establish you as an authority in your field and have people reaching out to you for your assistance.

You don’t have to use it on a personal note and open up about your deepest darkest secrets but you can use this to build your personal brand, establish yourself as an authority and provide valuable content to your target market.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you do have this feature, share with me your thoughts and how it’s helped your business or maybe if it hasn’t. I would still love to hear your feedback.


Actual Facebook List Post

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    • Hopefully you get it soon! I saw a notification from Facebook introducing it about two days ago so full roll out may be around the corner.


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