I finally found the missing piece to my skincare regimen! Normally, I’d get oily after 2 hours! Earlier this year I found a mattifying moisturizer that helped balance my pH levels and the oil would stay at bay for about 6-7 hours. I heard about toners but never really used them so I decided to give it a shot. About two weeks ago, I purchased the Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner and it is a godsend! I can literally last a whole day and more without looking like I’ve been eating pizza all day!

This should definitely be a staple product for anyone who noticeable pores, oily skin, wears a lot of makeup or looking to refresh their skin!

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Final face:Skin

Products Used:

Anew Clean Refining Daily Scrub
Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner
Anew AHA Refining Cream
nutraeffects Balance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner

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