How to Stop Foundation Transferring


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How to Stop Foundation from Transferring

I won’t lie, I haven’t been feeling very eyeshadow-y lately. I know that’s not a word but I think you get the point. For the past few weeks, I’ve been really rocking the whole “no makeup” makeup look. Honestly, for most days, it’s all you really need: perfect your skin, fill those eyebrows in and pucker up baby!

Looking online, it seems many women struggle with leaving foundation on their clothing or even worse, someone else’s clothing! Like who wants to hug someone and walk off with a nice friendly reminder on their white shirt —eeewww!!! It’s embarrassing.

It seems this issue is really prevalent with darker complexions and us oily girls — the foundation just runs right off our faces!

So how do you stop it? How to get your foundation to lasts all day? Well, I’m glad you asked! Since I’ve changed my foundation routine, these four steps have saved my life! Well maybe not that dramatic but it’s made a major difference. I literally get over 11 hours of wear! I haven’t tested beyond that point but isn’t that like a standard day?

How to stop foundation from transferring:

Step 1: Primer – primer helps to fill in your pores, reduce shine, give an even canvass and creates a barrier between the skin and the foundation. I usually apply with my fingers just like I would a moisturizer.

Step 2: Foundation – the common go-to is liquid foundation. If you are usually oily, try an oil-free foundation instead. Oil-based foundations will only make the matter worse. Try applying with a foundation brush or beauty sponge for a truly flawless look.

Step 3: Loose Powder – loose powder helps absorb any excess oil so the foundation doesn’t run. I personally recommend opting for translucent powder as opposed to pigmented. If you are very oily, you still may experience some shine and need to “powder your nose.” Translucent powder easily tackles the shine and prevents the makeup from looking cakey if you apply too much. If you rub off the foundation, then opt for the pigmented powder but only apply in those needed areas. You do not need to go over the entire face again.

Step 4. Setting Spray – setting spray helps to keep everything in place. Think of it just like hair spray or better yet, let’s think of it like a sandwich. The primer is your first piece of bread, the foundation is the meat, the powder is the cheese and the setting spray is the second piece of bread. Of course, blush, highlighter, concealer and the other bells and whistles are like mayo, mustard, etc —condiments but let’s stick to the basics.

Tip: if you need to freshen up during the day, be sure to have a mattifying pressed powder so it’s not as messy as the loose powder. BEFORE applying the powder, take a napkin or tissue paper or blotting papers to carefully blot the excess oil. THEN apply the powder. If you apply the powder over the oil, you can create a paste and the foundation will look thicker.

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If you find that you’re excessively oily, which is contributing to the foundation issue, make sure you are following a proper skin care regimen geared towards oily skin. Make sure that you are exfoliating at least 1-2 times per week and using an appropriate moisturizer. Yes, oily skin needs moisturizers as well. Not using a moisturizer actually causes your skin to produce more oil.

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