Dare to be Bold: Turquoise Eyeshadow OMG

I’ll be the first to admit that though I love makeup, I hardly have time to wear it. Normally, I’m just an eyebrow drawing, mascara toting, glossy-lipped girl but in my heart — I’m a full-faced makeup wearing glamazon. Beat to the gods! I’d love to wear a full face of makeup everyday but getting up at 5:30 a.m., I’d be lucky if I even looked presentable by the time I rolled out of the house.

With that being said, I’m only able to fully enjoy makeup on Friday nights and weekends 😦 You probably can’t sense it but I’m really dying on the inside here. I want to be that glamazon but the way this work schedule is set up… UGH!

My goal one day is to “slay” as the makeup beauties/artists/fanatics call it. I want to become very diverse and experiment with colors. I’m not going to say I’m the best with neutrals but I’m pretty confident and can create a look in a matter of minutes. If I only wanted to wear neutrals to work, that may actually be fine but my heart screams COLORS!

To me, the best way to get into colors is by picking up a palette with a mixture of colors. It’s usually more cost effective than going out to buy single shades and it also has other shades to help complement each other. Try to look for a palette that has every type of color. You’ll notice a lot of palettes on the market have a variety of browns/neutral colors. Look for something that has at least 5 of the shades you know you’ll wear or want to try out. Think about having the ability to create multiple looks for multiple occasions or simply to begin working with more colors.

I picked up the For the Love of Makeup Artist Palette. It has 5 lip glosses, blush, contour, highlighters and 30 eyeshadows (matte, shimmer and metallic). I mainly got the palette because of the eyeshadow selection. It has pink, purple, green, blue, brown/neutral —- well just about every type of color a girl could need. The palette is available online for $16.99 so if you’d like to purchase, click here.

I’ll actually show you a look that I created this Saturday with the palette.


Avon For the Love of Makeup Artist Palette

Let me just preface this by saying: this is my first time using turquoise eyeshadow. When I first applied it, I was very nervous but that may be due to the fact that my colors are usually more subtle. I must admit that I actually like this bolder look. I guess this is why they call us Beauty Bosses lol Of course, I’m going to keep experimenting and playing around with it but I like to consider this my 2017 edition of Poison Ivy LOL


Aqua eyeshadow

For those wondering how I got this look:

  1. I used the forest green to transition
  2. Added the matte green and blue to deepen the crease
  3. Added just a tiny bit of the matte black in the corner of the crease for more definition
  4. Add the shade aqua on my lid
  5. Then a little of the shimmery white near my brow bone
  6. Add eyeliner and mascara

For a more bold look, try adding a cut crease and consider adding a few more colors. If you want more subtle, blend very well and don’t take the eyeshadow up so high. You could also add a few more subtle colors to take the attention away from the aqua if you don’t want it as pronounced.


Avon For the Love of Makeup Artist Palette


I also used this palette to create a look using the Amethyst. Check it out!


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