Avon Instinct Collection Discontinued

Avon announced that Campaign 2, 2017 will be the last time customers will see Avon Instinct for Her and Avon Instinct for Him in the brochure. Of course, Avon will still have some in stock from previous production; however, please note that we will not see it coming back. The current stock will be available online.

Now is the time to get it and it’s on sale! Currently, the Instinct for Her and Instinct for Him are both $10.99 each! What a steal! Also, the matching Instinct for Her Shower Gel and Instinct for Him After Shave Conditioner are both on sale for less than $3!

If you’re interested in stocking up on your favorites, click here to get them while supplies last. 

Now, let’s address the obvious question: what are we going to do without them? Avon is suggesting that customers replace them with the popular Avon Attraction collection (available for both women and men) and Avon Alpha which is a cologne for men. Click here to check out all of Avon’s current fragrances. 


Avon Attraction Collection


Avon Alpha (only available for men)

Look at the latest reviews for Attraction for Her:

Author: artGirl

I really REALLY like this fragrance. The most concise descriptor I could choose is “classy.” To me, it’s as if someone threw a handful of mellow, dried berries and a dried vanilla bean into a cedar box. It’s dark but soft and muted. It’s feminine with just a touch of masculine edge. It is incredibly soft but not at all powdery which is worthy of applause, but after about an hour It’s barely perceptible, begging re-application. And this is happening to me when I layer it with the shower gel and lotion… I still give it 5 stars because it’s a beautiful, warm, classy scent and I would rather have to re-apply something I’m certain is awesome than to feel self-conscious that I might be over-doing it.

Author: Erica

Great smell, lasts all day, not over powering. I get tons of compliments.

Author: AC

I use it every day!! Just smells delicious and last all day when that is hard to find!!!

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