New Avon Representatives Earn at Least $1,000 in First 90 Days with the New KickStart Program (September 2016)

I’m very excited about this new KickStart Program initiated by New Avon, LLC (formerly known as Avon Products in the United States). The new leadership team at Avon has been working diligently to make it’s sales and sales leadership representatives more lucrative with the addition of it’s KickStart Program, discussed in this blog, and the new Rise Up Incentive. For more details on the Rise Up Incentives for Sales Leaders: Avon Rise Up Incentive for Leaders – Cash Bonuses up to $38,500! (You’ll be taken directly to the link to explain the new incentive.)

Anyone that joins Avon on or after September 16,2016 will be participating in the new KickStart Program. If you’ve read previously, Avon starter kit prices will also increase on September 16, 2016 to allow new representatives to assess their goals and invest in the appropriate kit to get their business working for them. More details: Avon Starter Kit Prices Increasing in September 2016. As stated before, New Avon is really changing things up! More changes coming ahead.

To join Avon today, click here for the Avon Opportunity.

KickStart Program is designed to guide new representatives to earning at least $1,000 in their first 90 days! How awesome is that? Of course, one would naturally wonder what does it take to earn the $1,000. It’s quite simple: sales and leadership (sharing the Avon opportunity with others). There’s also a KickStart bonus component when you meet the sales and recruiting components. Refer a friend and you’ll earn together!

Here’s a breakdown of how the KickStart works:

New Recruit’s Campaign New Recruit’s Sales Target New Recruits Earnings*
1st $150 $60.0
2nd $200 $80.0
3rd $250 $100.0
4th $300 $120.0
5th $350 $140.0
6th $400 $160.0
Total   $660.0
Refer 3 Friends    $150.0
Kicker/Performance Bonus   $200.0
Minimum Amount When Goals are Met $1,010.0
* New Recruit receives 40% earnings if the sales target is met in the campaign

Q: How long will the KickStart Program last?

The KickStart Program will run from September 16, 2016 to Campaign 2, 2017 (TS 4).

Q: If a new Representative will not earn 40% if a sales goal is missed – but what do they earn on those sales? A: If the sales goal is NOT achieved in any campaign, the Representative will earn based on the earnings chart below:
KickStart not achieve earnings Chart

Q: What happens if a new Representative over-achieves and sells way beyond the KickStart goals? Does she benefit from the higher earnings on the regular Avon Representative earning chart? A: Even better! Should a new Representative achieve an order of $925 or more in the KickStart period, the Representative will earn the higher percentage (see below) on beauty sales while still enjoying the KickStart 40% earnings on fixed earnings items:
KickStart sales of 925 or more

Q: What if I joined prior to September 16, will I still be able to participate in the KickStart?

Anyone that joins or places a first order on/after September 16, 2016, will be eligible to participate in the KickStart program.

Q: How do I join Avon?

Joining Avon has never been easier! Simply go to and use reference code: chicagosnatalie.

Upon joining, you’ll receive a follow-up call and email to welcome you to the team. I’ll serve as your mentor and guide you along to making more money 🙂

13 thoughts on “New Avon Representatives Earn at Least $1,000 in First 90 Days with the New KickStart Program (September 2016)

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  2. Dear Natalie Butler: Hello. I’m Lisa Ciconte From Newark, DE. Yes, I Bought My AVON Starter Kit This Summer, Have An Online Store, Gave Brochures To Dr’s Office Staffer, Dentist Office, Day Care Job, Urologist, Neck Surgeon Staffer, A Shoprite Cashier. I Have A Separate Avon Facebook Page, But To No Avail. Yes, I Put My Contact Info On Them!


    • Hi Lisa, I’d love to help you get going. Please tell me what are your current methods of following up with those you’ve given brochures. How often do you follow up? How did you communicate to your warm network (family, friends, coworker, etc) about your new Avon business?


      • Dear Natalie: Thank You For Replying. I Didn’t Hear Back From Any Women I Gave AVON Brochures To. My Contact Info Was On Them. I Haven’t Ordered Any Brochures Or Samples. My Husband & Myself Are Broke! I Met Lisa Wood, District Manager Once, But I Haven’t Heard From Her Since. I Emailed Her A Few Times.


    • Lisa, how many times have you seen those individuals since you’ve given them a brochure? Have you asked them if they wanted to order anything? Did you write a list of everyone you know to inform them of your Avon business?

      There are also ways that you can promote your business for free. As a new Avon representative, you can offer the Daily Care Collection bundle. This is an image found on that you can download, text, email and post on your social media. If you have a printer, you can print it out as well and post around town.

      One thing I’ve noticed is that you said you’ve given out the brochures and now you’re waiting on people to call you. In this business, it is more beneficial for Avon reps to call the potential customers. This is what we call follow-ups. People become busy in their day-to-day lives where they may actually forget to give you a call. I’ve personally had people say they were just waiting to see if I’d call then place the order. We never know why but the verdict is: most customers won’t call you even if they plan on ordering.

      This is why we must be more proactive and ask for the sale. It doesn’t have to be pestering but a simple “Hey, this is Lisa. I’m placing my order in 2 days. Do you need anything?” will suffice.

      Have you conducted a Facebook party? Did you inform your coworkers about your Avon business? Your pastor? Doctor/dentist? Husband’s co-workers? Does everyone know you sell Avon?


      • Natalie: Hello. No, I Haven’t Seen The Women I Gave AVON Brochures To. I Can’t Call Doctor’s Offices About AVON Orders. I Didn’t Know Them, So I Didn’t Get Phone Numbers. I Haven’t Ordered Brochures, Because I’m Broke. I Posted On Facebook Page That I Could Use Customers & Need Their Support Last Night!


      • Natalie: Hi! Yes, I Saw Your Email About Facebook Groups. Lisa Wood, District Mgr. (2816) Told Me My AVON Account Will Stop, Due To Inactivity. I Posted About Business On My Timeline & My AVON Facebook Page. Haven’t Heard From Facebook Peeps. I Have The Sales Folder At Home & Order Bags & Samples From $15.00 Welcome Kit!


      • Lisa, I was able to check for you and I see that your account is scheduled to be closed in 2 campaigns if there is no activity. I understand that you have tried posting on your Facebook page and have yet to receive a response. This is why I have suggested Facebook groups. They are a great way to build a network of supporters and customers. Many of my Facebook friends and family do not buy from me. That is ok. Some have purchased once they saw I was consistent, others once they saw that another friend purchased and some never purchase at all. I don’t know everyone’s reasoning behind not purchasing from me but the key is to be able to build new networks. Reach out to members in groups. Form relationships. Utilize your Daily Care Collection bundle. AND ALWAYS FOLLOW UP! Follow-up is key regardless if done online or face-to-face. We as Avon reps know our ordering schedules but that is meaningless to our customers. Sometimes they become busy and forget. Someone can have full intention on purchasing but become busy and forget to check back in. That is why it is our job to check in with them.


      • Natalie: Yes, I Heard That My AVON Account Will Shut Down. I’ve Joined Some Groups On Facebook. I Have A Separate AVON Facebook Page: Lisa J. CICONTE, INDEPENDENT Sales Rep. I’ve Shared On My Personal Page.


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