mark. On the Dot Smokey Eye Color Compact

After my pleasant experience with the mark. shimmer cubes, I decided to purchase the mark. On the Dot Smoke Eye Color Compact and mark. On the Dot Neutral Eye Color Compact. Just like the shimmer cubes, I found this product to be heavily pigmented which is a good thing — especially for darker skin tones. I used my finger to pick the product up with no problems. The shadows glided across my hand so smoothly. Mind you, I didn’t have on any lotion so they may have been a little dry 🙂

The product description states that there are nine metallic shades; however, I personally noticed that shades 1 and 3 (from pinky to thumb) did not appear metallic at all. They are darker shades so I assume that’s the reason for the lack of metal appearance. I do feel as though they’ll look great and may be easier to handle when building a very smokey eye.

I also find the price point to be acceptable. For just $16, you have 9 eye shadows conveniently placed in a compact with a small mirror and applicator. It’s small so you can easily throw it in your purse without it taking up much space, yet still able to complete your desired look. With the compacts, you may just have all of your eye shadows in one place and do not need to travel around with as many products if you’re a girl on the go as I am. I can’t wait until I try it (which may be today :))

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