Avon Big & Multiplied Mascara Review

Thanks to my District Sales Manager, I had the opportunity of trying Avon’s new Big & Multiplied mascara before it was released to the public. Prior to this, I used the Big & False Mascara on a regular basis. As far as my lashes go, I always craved long and full lashes. My lashes are short and scarce. From a distance, you can’t even tell that I have eyelashes. It’s a shame men are blessed with the best lashes but thank goodness, women can fake it until… well…we can fake it!

The Big & Multiplied Mascara is what Avon calls the “triple threat” — designed to detangle, separate and add volume. I don’t have much issue with tangled lashes as they’re near bald but this mascara definitely delivers as promised in terms of volume. So far, this is the best Avon mascara that offers the volume that I desire. Other than Big & False, I’ve also tried the Mega Effects Mascara and SuperShock Max. Keep in mind, this is no disrespect to any of the other mascaras as I’m sure each are perfect for someone (we all have our own individual goals); however, as far as my concern, I need the most volume and best length. Though this mascara does not add any length, I am pleasantly surprised with the volume. The amount of volume clearly shows in pictures so I don’t completely fail at my attempt to pretend as though I have beautiful, flowing lashes. I took a picture with Mega Effects on one eye and Big & Multiplied on the other (not included here). As far as the pictures, the Big & Multiplied showed better in pictures but honestly, the two eyes looked the same in person. Maybe it’s the formula :/ Big & Multiplied was way more pronounced.

For the last couple of weeks, this mascara has become one of my staple products. Yes, I wear false lashes but do not have the time to apply them everyday. I find that even with just this mascara, I feel more confident.  My goal is to have my makeup done in five minutes or less. Along with this mascara, I’m able to accomplish that with the help of my Perfect Eyebrow Kit, Glimmersticks Brow Definer and MagiX Face Perfector. That’s it! Four products and my entire face is done. At any rate, I decided to do a comparison of the Big & Multiplied (2 coats) versus my bare lashes. Let me know what you think. The mascara is currently on sale for $6.99 with normal price of $9.00. To purchase, click here for the Big & Multiplied Mascara.



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