How to Boost Your Business? With Other Businesses!

February 23, 2016

New to Avon? Or just looking for more ways to grow your business? Have you looked at other businesses?

Businesses are a great business for you! Think about it. Most businesses have some type of wait. Give patrons something to do while waiting. Then narrow in on what type of patrons you want. What type of patrons? Is that a serious question? Yes! And the serious answer is “paying patrons.”

Everyone is a potential customer so don’t overlook anyone or be too quick to judge. You’ll be surprised at least once in your Avon life by who wants to order from you. So why do I say “paying patrons?” In order to make your business grow, you need people that do not have a problem paying you — those that have disposable income.

Of course, everyone would love to save money so they’ll probably opt for Dollar Store, Wal-mart, etc; however, what do you have in businesses? People that can afford to spend more. What type of businesses should you seek?

– Beauty Shop

– Hair salon

– Nail salon

– Restaurants

– the list goes on!

Just think about it. With the four types of businesses mentioned above, you don’t absolutely NEED to go. You can do it yourself. It’s cheaper cooking your own meals than eating out (and you’ll probably be more satisfied). You definitely don’t NEED someone else to do your hair as long as you’re physically capable (probably only get one good day out of the new hairdo anyway). Nail salons? A no-brainer! And beauty shops/supplies? They’re going in to buy exactly what you sell! That is your target market.

How to get in to these types of businesses? The great thing about Avon is we’ve been around since 1886. That’s 130 years of greatness! EVERYONE knows us and is eager to meet one of our talented, beautiful representatives! Just go in and simply ask if you can leave a few of your brochures. You’d be surprised that many of these places already have magazine racks and places to leave local advertisements. Join the club! It really doesn’t require a long, drawn-out introduction. You can use something as simple as “Hi, I’m Natalie with Avon. I was wondering if I could leave a few brochures?” or “Hi, is it alright if I leave a few brochures?” This is awesome for shy representatives. It doesn’t require too much talking; absolutely no selling and people will come to you.

Still not sold? Why else would you focus on businesses:

– They always have people (i.e. staff)

– If they work there, that means they have a paycheck. If they have a paycheck, they have money!

– People are social creatures. If you have one to order from you, others will join in because either they trust the other person’s judgment (for skeptics) or they want to be part of the wonderful crowd. Have you seen the smiles of customers when their orders arrive?

– Makes deliveries easier going to one location to drop off 4-5 orders versus 4-5 places to drop off one order each

What you may be wondering:

– What about the Power of 3? Still go out and practice the power of three. By using a combination of methods, you will be sure to grow your Avon business. No one is going to buy from you if they don’t know you sell Avon or any product for that matter. You have to get your name out there. Don’t be afraid. You are backed by a company with 130 years of expertise. Use that to your advantage.

– But what about getting follow-up information? By leaving brochures at businesses, you may not be able to collect contact information unless you run into someone; HOWEVER, even while you’re at home, your books are still circulating. You can be sleep, doing laundry, at school, church, wherever when someone picks up a book and decides to call. Your books will continue to circulate. Let’s face it. We’re all humans. We can’t be at multiple places at the same time BUT your books help you. You can be at the beauty supply and local diner at the same time; thanks to your books 🙂
Any results? Of course! I’m one of the many representatives that began by leaving books at businesses. I continue to pick up new customers have campaign from a book left at a business but not only that, but the employees are my customers! I have restaurants where the entire staff orders from me! How awesome is that?

Remember, your books are your store. Always have books with you. And remember to have fun. Try to make it easier on yourself and not wear yourself down by jumping through loops and trying to do too much at once. We are all people. Set realistic goals and a plan to follow-through.
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